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Why get Certified: Top 5 Reasons

January 7, 2015

Bita Beigishah

Are Certifications Worth The Investment? 

In past years speculations surrounded IT certifications. Should you buy into them and invest in your future, or are they just a fad that will vanish with time?

If you are reading this than chances are you most likely are struggling with this idea. Are certifications really that necessary? Here is good way to look at it; Could you get a job without certifications, sure people are hired without them, but can you start a career that pays better than your counterparts and can you sustain that career through changes that will happen constantly and consistently within IT, probably not.

Here are a few focal points that should be considered when you are deciding whether or not you should start the certification process.

Test Taking Made Easy

In the past if you wanted to test for a certification you had to go to a location that was vendor approved during a specific time and the vendor of the certification test would have one of their own employees proctor the exam. This only allowed for one test to be taken during a specific time slot at a specific location. Planning for these tests were somewhat of a hassle due to the rigid time slots.

Now testing sites are plentiful and they have the capability of offering multiple tests from multiple vendors at anytime because as long as the site has a proctor students can take the certification test of their choice via the internet. This makes the entire test taking process easier for the student.

Saturated Field

The IT field is extremely saturated with many people who have years of experience and degrees in computer science or technical engineering in some facet. This makes standing out extraordinarily difficult. People in HR departments who are comparing potential employees are coming upon resumes that look so similar they might as well be the same.

Certifications can be the ticket to landing a career in this overly saturated field. Experience and a degree are no longer all you need to stand out in the IT field. Acquiring certifications in multiple disciplines is a way to increase your marketability when job hunting. When you can provide certifications in multiple disciplines within IT you show employers that you are capable of dealing with many different aspects of IT and this can be key to finding a career.


With companies trying to decrease overhead, outsourcing and onshoring IT companies to save on in house costs is a huge trend in IT. This is another reason why certifications are great to have. If you can show other companies that your employees are required to maintain certain skills, which are validated through certifications you may stick out more than a competitor. Overall this could be a reason why your company is selected to take over IT support for a business rather than a competitor of yours.


Being able to show proficiency in many different aspects of a field is usually a justifiable reason to earn a larger salary than someone you work with who does not come equipped with as many skills as you. Being certified in multiple areas is a great way to earn more money. When you look at your salary and look at the cost of a certification, certifications can be seen as an investment, much as a college degree. Yes, it costs money to become certified, but you also will make more money than you would without a certification. If you are looking for a new job that pays more it wouldn’t hurt to become certified in a few different skills before applying for a new position.

New Tech.

It seems like everyday there is something new coming out, whether it is software, new methods used to interpret data, or new devices all together. With every update, or new tool their is someone who needs to be able to fix bugs and be able to train others in how to use the new technology. Certifications can validate your expertise in new technology, which can earn you more money and keep you relevant in a field that is constantly changing and advancing.

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