Class Details

Project Management for the Office Professional Course Description:

Students will learn basic project management techniques like time management and controlling costs. This course also covers more advanced topics like project features and attributes, budget and estimates, the project management process and the responsibilities of a project manager.

Classroom exercises include defining scope, developing a project charter, creating a work breakdown structure, identifying time management components, developing a schedule, utilizing analysis techniques and resource allocation.

This course is for office professionals in need of solid foundation in project management techniques and those who may just want to sharpen their skills. Administrative and support personnel assigned to work or manage project teams would also benefit from this training course.

Course Outline

Project Management for the Office Professional Course Outline:

Module 1: Fundamentals of Project Management

Lesson A: What is a Project?

Lesson B: Introduction to the project management process

Module 2: Characteristics of a Project

Lesson A: The project environment

Lesson B: The project team

Lesson C: The project manager

Module 3: Scope Planning and Project Initiation

Lesson A: Initiating a project

Lesson B: Scope planning

Module 4: Scope Definition, Verification and Change Control

Lesson A: Defining scope

Lesson B: Verifying scope

Lesson C: Scope change control

Module 5: Effective Time Management

Lesson A: Activity definition and sequencing

Lesson B: Activity duration

Module 6: Developing and Controlling a Schedule

Lesson A: Deploying a schedule

Lesson B: Controlling a schedule

Module 7: Identifying Resources and Cost Approximating

Lesson A: Identifying Resources

Lesson B: Cost approximating

Module 8: Creating a Budget and Controlling Costs

Lesson A: Creating a Budget

Lesson B: Controlling Costs