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C# Programming Training

This training is designed for experienced programmers who want to enter .NET programming.

Course Overview

Our 5-day, instructor-led C# Programming Training course teaches students NET programming, using the C# programming language and the Visual C#.NET integrated development environment inside Visual Studio.NET. Participants will be able to do the following upon completion of this course:

  • Build and run simple C#-based programs.
  • Define and use classes in C#.
  • Define and use methods in C#.
  • Program GUI Windows applications with forms and controls.
  • Write statements that control program flow.
  • Identify and use reference and value types in C#.
  • Program with built-in and user-defined exceptions.
  • Identify and use reference and value types in C#.
  • Define and use arrays and collections.
  • Expose and access properties and indexers.
  • Build and deploy local and shared assemblies.
  • Write code that interoperates with legacy Windows code.


C# Programming Training

4/10/23 - 4/13/23 (4 days)

8:30AM - 4:30PM

Tysons Corner, VA
4/17/23 - 4/20/23 (3 days)

12:00AM - 12:00AM

Columbia, MD
7/10/23 - 7/13/23 (4 days)

8:30AM - 4:30PM

Tysons Corner, VA
7/17/23 - 7/20/23 (3 days)

12:00AM - 12:00AM

Columbia, MD
7/17/23 - 7/20/23 (3 days)

12:00AM - 12:00AM

10/09/23 - 10/12/23 (4 days)

8:30AM - 4:30PM

Tysons Corner, VA
10/16/23 - 10/19/23 (3 days)

12:00AM - 12:00AM

Columbia, MD
10/16/23 - 10/19/23 (3 days)

12:00AM - 12:00AM


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Course Outline

Creating Simple C# Programs

  • Create a simple C# console application
  • Use a namespace
  • Comment code
  • Create a simple class library
  • Test a simple class library
  • Create a simple C# Windows GUI application

Working with Classes

  • Define and use a class
  • Use access modifiers
  • Define namespaces
  • Declare an abstract class
  • Derive a concrete class from an abstract class
  • Use an abstract class and its concrete derived class

Working with Methods

  • Implement constructors
  • Implement a destructor
  • Override a method
  • Overload a method
  • Overload an operator
  • Pass parameters

Programming with Forms and Controls

  • Create a graphical program using standard built-in controls
  • Create a custom control
  • Use custom controls on a form

Writing Statements that Control Program Flow

  • Write conditional statements
  • Write loop statements
  • Write jump Statements

Using Types in C#

  • Use pre-defined data types
  • Differentiate between reference and value types
  • Use casting
  • Define and use a struct type
  • Define and use an enum type

Programming with Exceptions

  • Catch exceptions
  • Define custom exceptions
  • Throw exceptions
  • Utilize the finally keyword

Working with Interfaces

  • Define an interface
  • Implement interfaces in derived classes
  • Invoke interface methods

Working with Arrays and Collections

  • Define a rectangular or higher-dimensional array
  • Use a rectangular array
  • Define a jagged array
  • Use a jagged array
  • Choose and/or create a collection type
  • Use a collection type

Working with Properties and Indexers

  • Expose properties
  • Expose indexers

Building and Deploying Assemblies

  • Create an Assembly with the C# command line compiler
  • Use ildasm
  • Deploy an assembly locally
  • Create and deploy a shared assembly

Interoperating with Legacy Code

  • Write code that interoperates with Win32
  • Expose legacy COM components to C# clients
  • Expose C# components to legacy COM clients

C# Programming Training FAQs

Who should take this class?

Professionals who benefit from C# programming skills or individuals looking to begin a programming career.

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