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What is the Certified Information Systems Auditor Certification (CISA)?

The technology industry has grown astronomically since the introduction of the first computer. With this growth, spin-off industries have emerged, such as the information systems, information technology, and cybersecurity industries. Along with the emergence of new industries new job roles and the need for certified professionals has begun to grow. Once such certification is the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)certified information systems auditor

Introduced by ISACA in 1978, over 129,000 professionals have earned the title of Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). CISA was designed to globally recognize professions in the role of IS audit control, assurance, and security. Earning CISA certification validates a professional’s skills, experience, knowledge, and capabilities to determine susceptibility, perform compliance reporting, as well as institute controls within an enterprise.

Additionally, CISA certification recognizes that professionals will be able to understand how IT-related activities will affect the business or organization. Earning CISA certification requires the candidate to possess hands-on skills and experience in:

  • IT Governance
  • Lifecycle Management
  • System Infrastructure Control
  • IS Hardware and Architecture
  • Information Security for IT Delivery and Support
  • Protecting Logical Assets
  • Physical Security
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Job roles for ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditors are found in many different industries. The most common job roles that CISA professionals will hold are IT auditor, consultants, audit managers, non-IT auditors, and security professionals. According to ISACA, around 3% of CISA professionals hold high-level executive positions, such as CEO.

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How To Obtain CISA Status

Earning the title of Certified Information Systems Auditor is not an easy task. Several steps need to be taken to earn certification.

1. First you will need to pass the certification exam. The exam covers five domains that fall under the CISA job practice areas:

  1. Auditing Information Systems – 21%
  2. IT Governance and Management – 16%
  3. IS Acquisition, Development and Implementation – 18%
  4. IS Operations, Maintenance and Support – 20%
  5. Information Assets Protection – 25%

Each domain covers a variety of task statements, functions the candidate must perform, and knowledge statements, items the candidate will need to know.

2. Apply for CISA certification upon passing the exam. To qualify for certification, the candidate will need to provide proof of at least 5 years of paid, professional experience in IS auditing or control/security work. Certain individuals may be able to meet the requirements through waivers or substitutions of up to 3-years of experience.

3. Follow the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics. All ISACA candidates and certified professionals must agree to and follow the CoE set forth by ISACA. If a candidate does not agree to the code of ethics certification will not be granted.

4. Complete Continuing Professional Education (CPE) units and pay the annual maintenance fee. Over a period of 3 years, CISA certified professionals will need to earn a total of 120 CPE’s. At least 20 CPE units and the annual maintenance fee will need to be paid each year to remain a certified professional in good standing.

4. Accept and follow the Information Systems Auditing Standards.


CISA Certification Benefits

Earning the ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor certification comes with many benefits. Earning CISA certification will give you the global distinction of being one of the top professionals in the IS auditing field. Certification also comes with an average salary ranging from $61,945 to $122,813 dependent of years of experience within the field. The CISA credential will showcase your invaluable knowledge and skills within the field as well as make you an asset to your organization.

Benefits of the Certified Information Systems Auditor are numerous, so get started on earning your CISA today!


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