Class Details

Price: $1,495

Course Includes:

  • Expert instruction 
  • Exercises
  • Courseware books, notepads, pens, highlighters and other materials
  • Full breakfast with variety of bagels, fruits, yogurt, doughnuts and juice
  • Tea, coffee, and soda available throughout the day
  • Freshly baked cookies every afternoon - *only at participating locations

Course Outline

Module 1: Goal Setting

  • Rewrite goals to measurable 
  • Discuss the metrics
  • Create a plan for success

Module 2: Ongoing Performance Management 

  • Assessing Performance isn’t a One-Time Event 
  • Make a Habit of Providing Feedback 
  • Rewriting Feedback to be Constructive
  • Create a Plan for Coaching

Module 3: Developing Employees

  • Understand Your Employees’ Wants and Needs 
  • Expand Your Employees’ Skill Sets 
  • Craft a Development Plan 
  • How to Develop Someone Who’s Struggling

Module 4: Formal Performance Reviews

  • The Case Against (and for) Annual Appraisals 
  • Assess Performance but Rethink Ratings 
  • How to Conduct the Review Conversation 
  • Define New Goals for a New Cycle

Module 5: Tough Topics

  • Responding to the Steady Worker 
  • Preventing Burnout on Your Team 
  • Managing the Performance of Remote Employees