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Cyber Warfare For Management Training

The course addresses the strategic, operational, and tactical aspects of cyber war and how to apply this toward creating efficient procedures and technical defenses.

Course Overview

Our 3-day instructor-led Cyber Warfare For Management Training course is designed for IT security professionals interested in the field of cyber operations/warfare. It will teach you:

  • The operational, strategic & tactical aspects of cyber conflicts
  • How the world engages in cyber warfare
  • How to develop a strategic cyber security strategy for your organization
  • How to allocate resources to boost security

Prior to taking this course, you should have at least three years of experience in the IT field. Though not require, it is also recommended that you have the CompTIA® Security+ and/or the EC-Council® CEH certifications.


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Course Outline

The Cyberwarfare Landscape

  • Information as a military asset  
  • Targets and combatants  
  • Cyberwarfare, law, and ethics 
  • Intelligence operations in a connected world  

Offensive and Defensive Cyberwarfare

  • The evolving threat: from script kiddies to advanced attackers  
  • Social engineering and cyberwarfare  
  • Weaponizing cyberspace: a history  
  • Nonstate actors in cyberwar   
  • Defense-in-depth strategies  
  • Cryptography and cyberwar  
  • Defending endpoints  
  • Defending networks  
  • Defending data  

The Future of Cyberwarfare

  • Cyberwarfare and military doctrine
  • Pandora’s box: the future of cyberwarfare

Cyber Warfare For Management Training FAQs

What is cyber warfare?

The Oxford dictionary defines cyber warfare as “the use of computer technology to disrupt the activities of a state or organization, especially the deliberate attacking of information systems for strategic or military purposes.”

Who should enroll in Cyber Warfare for Management Training?

This course is intended for policy makers, CEOs, CISOs, doctrinal development, penetration testers, network administrators and systems administrators.

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  • This Cyber Warfare For Management Training course includes:

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    • Notepad, pen and highlighter
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