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Price: $1,890

Course Includes:

  • Class exercises in addition to training instruction
  • Courseware books, notepads, pens, highlighters and other materials
  • Full breakfast with variety of bagels, fruits, yogurt, doughnuts and juice
  • Tea, coffee, and soda available all day
  • Freshly baked cookies every afternoon - * only at participating locations

The 3-day instructor-led training experience provides students with the important skills and information for overcoming conflicts in a cyber-war. The course addresses the strategic, operational, and tactical aspects of the conflicts and then apply this knowledge for creating efficient procedures and technical defenses. Risk management and security professionals can certainly find this training beneficial as they are tasked with resource allocation, driving security projects and policies for organizations. 

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Course Outline

Module 1: The Cyberwarfare Landscape

  • Lesson 1A: Information as a Military Asset  
  • Lesson 1B: Targets and Combatants  
  • Lesson 1C: Cyberwarfare, Law, and Ethics 
  • Lesson 1D: Intelligence Operations in a Connected World  

Module 2: Offensive and Defensive Cyberwarfare  

  • Lesson 2A: The Evolving Threat: From Script Kiddies to Advanced Attackers  
  • Lesson 2B: Social Engineering and Cyberwarfare  
  • Lesson 2C: Weaponizing Cyberspace: A History  
  • Lesson 2D: Nonstate Actors in Cyberwar   
  • Lesson 2E: Defense-in-Depth Strategies  
  • Lesson 2F: Cryptography and Cyberwar  
  • Lesson 2G: Defending Endpoints  
  • Lesson 2H: Defending Networks  
  • Lesson 2I: Defending Data  

Module 3: The Future of Cyberwarfare  

  • Lesson 3A: Cyberwarfare and Military Doctrine  


  • Introduction to Cyber Warfare
  • The Layout of Cyberspace
  • Cyber Warriors
  • Computer Network Operations (CNO) Tools
  • Physical Weapons
  • Psychological Weapons
  • Fundamentals of Computer Network Exploitation (CNE)
  • Computer Network Attack (CNA)
  • Computer Network Defense
  • Compuer Network Operations Extra Players and Factors
  • Cyber Warfare and Global Legal Systems
  • Ethics 
  • The Future of Cyber War