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Where to Find Free Books for Learning Linux Online

The Internet contains a vast supply resources, often free, that enable you to learn about everything from programming to Walt Whitman’s poetry. This blog post highlights the books and websites available for learning Linux online.

The focus of the books range in topics and experience level. Not every book is guaranteed to teach you effectively and quickly compared to a YouTube tutorial, live virtual class, or in-person classroom with an instructor. I can guarantee the free access of these materials to augment other resources (edX, Udemy, CompTIA Linux+ training).

Strike it Rich on GitHub

The free programming books on GitHub provide a massive list of programming, networking, security, Linux, and all other free technical books online. This list provides over thirty books available on topics including introductory level command line administration, security in Linux, automation, compute clusters, device drivers, secure programming, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and much more.

Online Programming Books

OnlineProgramming.com provides 70 online Linux books. All free eBooks and online books are provided or linked to legally. The website emphasizes the fact that they “do not host pirated books or…link to sites that host pirated books.” This assurance may calm any such fears of your involvement in book piracy.

If you still don’t trust them and don’t think the Github resource sufficient, then turn to these offline cost-effective options.

Offline Options

Public libraries hold thousands of books you can borrow for free. Public libraries, such as the Howard County Public Library system, supply members with additional resources such as eBooks, audiobooks available via CD or streaming instantly online, and access to academic journal databases all for free.

Books aren’t cheap. The library costs nothing.

For the Visual Learners:

Read last week’s blog post on “9 YouTube Channels to Learn Linux Online”

Please make suggestions about where to find legally free online books for learning Linux in the comments below.


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