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Installing Arch Linux on VirtualBox

For this Friday, focus on increasing the number of times you fail at work. If you’re not pushing the limits and setting realistics stretch goals, then you’re not learning. If you’re going to fail when learning about new software, then fail in VirtualBox. It’s free and forgiving.

The Arch installation provides the perfect opportunity to fail and grow from your mistakes.

Download our Linux Commands Cheat Sheet


Watch the video to observe how to complete an Arch Linux install on VirtualBox. Or you could do a test run without watching the video walk through or using our Arch Linux Installation Checklist below. Afterwards see what you did right, where you erred, and why.

Arch Linux Installation

Arch is one of the more difficult installations that requires manual commands and actions unnecessary in other distributions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and other operating systems that could easily be installed with an ISO image on DVD, bootable USB flash drive, or USB with Yumi.

The video outlines the complete installation of Arch and the KDE 5 GUI in VirtualBox. Before starting the process yourself, download an ISO image of Arch from the mirrorlist here and a copy of Oracle’s VirtualBox.

The next step after VirtualBox

Once you gain enough confidence in VirtualBox, install Arch on a laptop or desktop. Refer to this blog post, “Full Arch Linux Guide in 29 Tweets” for guidance. With enough practice hopefully you can do the same with Arch or the Linux distribution that satisfies your computing needs.

Here’s our Arch Linux Installation Checklist for to help with the VirtualBox practice.

The Linux Commands Reference Sheet will definitely become useful when performing an Arch Linux install.




Download the Linux Command Reference Sheet

Access the Linux Command Cheat Sheet PDF here

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