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How Do I Renew the PMI RMP Certification?

January 19, 2016

Bita Beigishah

You passed the PMI RMP certification exam and that is awesome. However, are you aware that you need to continually update your credential to keep it valid? 

To keep PMI RMP certification valid, you need to obtain at least 30 PDUs every three years. PDU stands for Professional Development Units and they are necessary to keep many PMI certifications current. If you fail to obtain the required amount of PDUs, you will lose that credential and have to retake the certification exam.

In this case, the RMP certification requires 30 PDUs within three years of receiving the credential.

Different Ways to Earn PDU’s For Your PMI RMP Certification

This is a list of the available options that PMI offers. Some activities on this list are free and some are not. There are even activities that focus on your career.


You can decide to learn in a group setting or on your own. If you do chose to teach yourself new skills to to keep up on the latest risk management techniques and materials, I recommend you take a look at the Talent Management Resources section on PMI’s website. This leads you to the right material.

Course or Training 

This is a self-explanatory section. Earn a new credential or take another class on risk management to keep you ahead of the curve. Check out our list of PMI courses.

Giving Back

Collaboration is advancement. So if you give back to peers and teach them something they may not already know, you will be rewarded for it. Also, teaching proves that you have a firm understanding and enough integrity within your discourse community, which is not only valued, but sought after.

Work as a Practitioner 

If your certification is put to use everyday while at work, you can earn PDUs for going to work. That is what I call multitasking.

Create Content 

Create content that can be viewed and used as a resource for your peers to access. You need to become a content creator on ProjectManagement.com to be acknowledged as an author of an article for the knowledge shelf.

Organization Meetings

Another cost efficient way to earn PDUs is by attending a local meeting or event related to your profession. You can attend a PMI meeting, a local networking event centered around project management, or even your own businesses meeting. This form of PDU is limited though, and you may only receive one or two PDUs over the course of your three-year renewal period for attending these events.

Give a Presentation 

Create a presentation and give it to a group of peers at either a PMI chapter meeting, conference, or your own business to earn PDUs.

Online or Digital Media

Digital media offers a mass array of topics and ideas which are at your disposal. Earn PDUs by attending a webinar or by simply watching a video on project management.

Share Knowledge 

As I said earlier, collaboration is advancement. PMI also believes this. Earn PDUs by sharing your sphere of knowledge with others. Do this through teaching, mentoring, or by simply applying your knowledge to a group activity. If you share your knowledge with others, you help educate and advance your peers and ultimately your entire field of study.


Reading earns PDUs. It is easy. Prove that you are learning new concepts or even brushing up on best practices.


Giving back is always appreciated. PMI will reward you for volunteering. Lead a team or join an already existing one to help people around you. To learn more about what activities you can participate in to earn PDU’s visit Learn about volunteering at PMI and if you already are a member of a volunteer group, here is a place you can look for new opportunities to give back, Check for new opportunities in the Volunteer Relationship Management System.

Informal Learning 

The last way to earn PDUs is through informal learning. If you are being mentored or are attending a company lunch and learn, you can earn a PDU.

Document and Submit PDUs

Once you have attended an event or completed an activity that is PDU worthy, you need to document what you did in order to receive credit for PDUs. You have to do this through PMI. If you do not know how to accomplish this, here is an outline on how to document your PDUs.

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