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How Did You Get Into Tech?

The answer to this question varies for every person. The demand for a new tech force increases each year. This demand is evident through campaigns such as the White House TechHire Initiative, which focuses on filling this demand and creating a more diversified workforce from candidates here in the United States.

I reached out to Information Technology professionals who trained with Phoenix TS over the past years to ask them the very question of how they got their start in tech. Ideally, their stories offer useful insight for individuals at any age looking to make a career change to the tech field.

Chris Johnson, our internal Systems Administrator, told his unique story about how he pursued a passion for technology through training which led to landing a full-time position here with us. This is one of the many stories I hope you will enjoy reading and hopefully gain perspective for your own career and aspirations.  The technology field is not for every person, but it is out of no one’s reach.

The How Did You Get Into Tech Stories

Do you want to tell your story? Email me at Wruddy@PhoenixTS.com.

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