What is the Difference Between eMASS Training and DISA eMASS Training?

April 27, 2016

Bita Beigishah

If you found this Q&A post, then chances are you work for DISA and already use eMASS or will use it relatively soon. Instead of going through the details of eMASS, let’s assume you already know about it (if not you can learn more on the post What is eMASS?).

Let’s dive right into the similarities and differences between the DISA eMASS training class and the eMASS training options.

DISA eMASS Training

According to the disa.mil site, DISA offers two types of eMASS training courses:

  • Instructor-led 2 day training courses held throughout the year in Arlington, VA
  • Self-paced 2-hour online training

For the purposes of this post, we will only compare and contrast the DISA instructor-led course with the Direct User and eMASS Workshop courses because a 2-hour online info session pales in comparison to a course that is anywhere from 2-5 days in length.

Pros of DISA eMASS Training

The DISA eMASS training course is that it is completely free of charge for eMASS administrators. The website does state that parking at the Virginia facility is not validated and costs approximately $14/day and cash is the only payment method accepted. However, $28 cash is still a steal for any type of training course.

The second pro of taking the DISA eMASS training course is that DISA created eMASS and the training should be naturally tailored to how eMASS fits into your role at DISA.

Cons of DISA eMASS Training

The main con is that classes are delivered to students on a first come, first serve basis. Depending on demand, you may need to wait a month or more before getting into class.

The second con is that class is only held in Arlington, VA. If you are not living or working in the DMV area, then you’re out of luck.

Phoenix TS Direct User & Workshop eMASS Training Courses

We offer three types of eMASS training courses:

Again due to the nature of this post, we will not examine the eMASS Manager’s Overview course because this is geared to a different student type than the other two eMASS practitioner courses.

Pros of eMASS Direct User Training

The most appealing aspect of this course is the fact that it includes 2 days of hands-on labs. Students work through actual scenarios using a sandbox version of eMASS. Students learn the ins and outs of this system. When the time comes to use it on the job, they can start right away, which reduces the learning curve.

Cons of eMASS Direct User Training

The major drawback of this course is that a group is needed to run the class. Individual seat sales are not permitted. This is due to the fact that the training needs to take place at your facility in order to access the eMASS sandbox environment. Another drawback could occur in that your facility may not be able to access the system in such a way.

Pros of eMASS Workshop Training

Even though the eMASS Workshop course does not incorporate the use of labs into the course structure, the course still provides the lab manual with instructions on how to work through each lab set on their own time. Similarly to the Direct User course, this aspect of eMASS Workshop training makes it a valuable feature.

Additionally, the ability to train at a variety of locations, adds an accessibility feature that most other eMASS training cannot boast.

Cons of eMASS Workshop Training

As compared to the free DISA class, the price of the eMASS workshop can definitely be a con. The course is valued at $2,195 and the features of the lab manual and access to an instructor for any questions related to the labs makes it worth the high price tag but it is still high nonetheless. Another con is the fact that individual class seats can only be purchased for training in the MD and VA areas. Training in other locations is only scheduled for group class purchases.

Which eMASS Training is Better?

At the end of the day you still have one question and that is which eMASS training is better, but the answer is the always hated, it depends.

It depends on where you are located, how much time you have to get into a class, what do you really need to know about eMASS, and how much money are willing to spend on it? Your answers to each of those questions will lead you to the course that is best for you.

Iif you need to talk it out with someone, call a training consultant at 301-258-8200. 

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