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Project Management for the IT Professional Training Course Description:

This 4-day, instructor-led course teaches students to successfully manage IT projects. The course walks students through each step of the project management process, covering critical strategies for on-time and within-budget projects. Students will cover initiating the project, developing project plans, working with management, managing project scope, creating the budget, building a project plan, organizing a project team, and managing teams. In addition, students will learn about implementing and revising the project plan, enforcing quality, and finally completing the project.


Course Outline

Project Management for the IT Professional Training Course Outline:

Module 1: Project Management Overview
Lesson A: Introduction to project management
Lesson B: The project manager’s role
Lesson C: The profession of project management

Module 2: Process and Context Groups
Lesson A: A systems view of project management
Lesson C: The project life cycle

Lesson B: Managing stakeholders
Lesson D: Process groups

Module 3: Managing Integration
Lesson A: Managing Project Integration
Lesson B: Project charter
Lesson C: Project work: monitor and control

Module 4: Managing Scope
Lesson A: Scope management
Lesson B: Creating a work breakdown structure

Module 5: Managing Time
Lesson A: Project schedule introduction
Lesson B: Development a schedule
Lesson C: Effectively controlling changes to a project schedule

Module 6: Managing Cost
Lesson A: Cost management: components and principles
Lesson B: Estimating and budgeting
Lesson C: Controlling costs

Module 7: Managing Quality
Lesson A: Why is quality planning important?
Lesson B: Quality control
Lesson C: Improving the quality of an information technology project

Module 8: Human Resource Management
Lesson A: Proper management of people
Lesson B: Obtaining your project team
Lesson C: Developing the project team
Lesson D: Effectively managing the project team

Module 9: Managing Communications
Lesson A: Planning for effective communication
Lesson B: Enhancing project communications

Module 10: Managing Risk
Lesson A: Planning for risk
Lesson B: Identifying risks
Lesson C: Analyzing risk qualitatively
Lesson D: Analyzing risk quantitatively
Lesson E: Responding and controlling risk

Module 11: Procurement Management
Lesson A: Procurement planning
Lesson B: Contracts and sellers

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03/04/19 - 03/07/19, 4 days, 8:30AM – 4:30PM Columbia, MD Register