Class Details

Price: $1,095 
Course Includes: 

  • Expert instruction  
  • Exercises 
  • Courseware books, notepads, pens, highlighters and other materials 
  • Full breakfast with variety of bagels, fruits, yogurt, doughnuts and juice 
  • Tea, coffee, and soda available throughout the day 
  • Freshly baked cookies every afternoon - *only at participating locations 

Course Outline

Session One: Course Overview

Session Two: Definitions

Session Three: The Business Case for Knowledge Management

Session Four: The Knowledge Management Mix

Session Five: The Knowledge Mangement Framework

Session Six: ITandD's Conundrum 

Session Seven: Knowledge Mangement Models 

Session Eight: The Knowledge Management Toolkit

Session Nine: Implementing Knowledge Management Iniatives 




At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Define knowledge and knowledge management
  • Explain the difference between explicit and tacit knowledge.
  • Identify various knowledge mangement rheotorical models.
  • Explain how a properly implemented knowledge mangement program can imporve effciencey.
  • Describe the steps for employing a new knowledge management program in an organization.
  • Identify the required components for implementing a knowledge management framework within an organization.