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Improving Productivity Training

Course Overview

This 1-day, instructor-led course shows participants how to organize their lives and find productive time. This training teaches
students how to:

  • Establish routines
  • Set goals
  • Create an efficient environment
  • Use time-honored planning tools to increase productivity


Improving Productivity Training

11/18/20 - 11/19/20 (2 days)

8:30AM - 4:30PM

Tysons Corner, VA
12/09/20 - 12/10/20 (2 days)

8:30AM - 4:30PM


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Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this training, students will be able to do the following:

  • Set and evaluate SMART goals   
  • Use routines to maximize their productivity
  • Use scheduling tools to make the most of their time
  • Stay on top of their to-do list
  • Start new tasks and projects on the right foot
  • Use basic project management techniques
  • Organize their physical and virtual workspaces for maximum efficiency
  • Take back time from e-mail and handheld devices
  • Beat procrastination

Course Outline


  • Set goals
  • Scheduling tools
  • Beat procrastination

Setting SMART Goals

  • The Three P’s
  • The Smart Way
  • Prioritizing your goals
  • Exploring and adapting

The Power of Routines

  • What is a routing?
  • Personal routines
  • Professional routines
  • Six easy ways to simplify your life

Scheduling Yourself

  • The simple secret of successful time management
  • Developing a tracking system
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Scheduling tasks

Keeping Yourself on Top of Tasks

  • The one-minute rule
  • The five-minute rule
  • What to do when you feel like you’re sinking

Tackling New Tasks and Projects

  • The sliding scale
  • Checklist for getting started
  • Evaluating and adapting

Using Project Management Techniques

  • The Triple Constraint
  • Creating the schedule
  • Using a RACI chart

Creating a Workspace

  • Setting up the physical layout
  • Ergonomics 101
  • Using your computer efficiently

Organizing Files and Folders

  • Organizing paper files
  • Organizing electronic files
  • Scheduling archive and clean-up

Managing Email

  • Using email time wisely
  • Taking action
  • Making the most of your email program
  • Taking time back from handheld devices

Tackling Procrastination

  • Why do we procrastinate
  • Nine ways to overcome procrastination
  • Eat that frog

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  • Included in this Improving Productivity Training

    • 2 days instructor-led training
    • Improving Productivity Training training book
    • Notepad, pen and highlighter
    • Variety of bagels, fruits, doughnuts and cereal available at the start of class*
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    • Freshly baked cookies every afternoon*
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