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Price: $2500

Course Includes:

  • High quality hands-on training using role-plays and case-studies
  • Full breakfast with variety of bagels, fruits, yogurt, doughnuts and juice
  • Tea, coffee and soda avaiable throughout the day
  • Freshly baked cookies at participating locations


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Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Disassembly


  • Disassembly Theory
  • The What of Disassembly
  • The Why of Disassembly
  • The How of Disassembly




Module 2: Reversing and Disassembly Tools

  • Classification Tools
  • Tools
  • Deep Inspection Tools



Module 3 IDA Pro Background

  • Hex-Rays’ Stance on Piracy
  • Obtaining IDA Pro
  • IDA Support Resources
  • Your IDA Installation
  • Thoughts on IDA’s User Interface





Module 4 Getting Started with IDA

  • Launching IDA
  • IDA Database Files
  • Introduction to the IDA Desktop
  • Desktop Behavior During Initial Analysis
  • IDA Desktop Tips and Tricks
  • Reporting Bugs






Module 5 IDA Data Displays

  • The Principal IDA Displays
  • Secondary IDA Displays
  • Tertiary IDA Displays



Module 6 Disassembly Navigation

  • Basic IDA Navigation
  • Stack Frames
  • Searching the Database



Module 7 Disassembly Manipulation

  • Names and Naming
  • Commenting in IDA
  • Basic Code Transformations
  • Basic Data Transformations 

Module 8 Datatypes and Data Structures

  • Recognizing Data Structure Use
  • Creating IDA Structures
  • Using Structure Templates
  • Importing New Structures
  • Using Standard Structures
  • IDA TIL Files
  • C++ Reversing Primer







Module 9 Cross-References and Graphing

  • Cross-References
  • IDA Graphing


Module 10 The Many Faces of IDA

  • Console Mode IDA
  • Using IDA’s Batch Mode
  • Advanced IDA Usage



Module 11 Customizing IDA

  • Configuration Files
  • Additional IDA Configuration Options


Module 12 Library Recognition Using FLIRT Signatures

  • Fast Library Identification and Recognition Technology
  • Applying FLIRT Signatures
  • Creating FLIRT Signature Files



Module 13 Extending IDA’s Knowledge

  • Augmenting Function Information
  • Augmenting Predefined Comments with loadint


Module 14 Patching Binaries and Other IDA Limitations

  • The Infamous Patch Program Menu
  • IDA Output Files and Patch Generation
  • Extending IDA’s Capabilities



Module 15 IDA Scripting

  • Basic Script Execution
  • The IDC Language
  • Associating IDC Scripts with Hotkeys
  • Useful IDC Functions
  • IDC Scripting Examples
  • IDAPython







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