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Decision Making / Problem Solving / Strategic Thinking Training

Course Overview

We make decisions and solve problems continually. This training course teaches participants that they key to finding solutions is not just creativity. Participants will learn to identify options, research those options, and then put them into action. Content will include problem solving steps and tools, how to analyze information to clearly describe problems, and creating a plan for implementing the solution. This course teaches individual and team problem solving methods.


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Course Objectives

  • Distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information
  • Define problem solving and explain different types of decisions
  • Identify and explore the four types of problem solvers
  • Apply a three-phase problem solving model to most decisions
  • Practice six ways to approach a decision
  • Explore and apply eleven basic problem solving tools and two advanced tools
  • Learn to use creative thinking to solve problems and make decisions
  • Demonstrate skills in elementary inductive and deductive reasoning
  • Recognize and use tools to make rational decisions

Course Outline



  • Defining Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Problem Identification
  • Eight Essentials to Defining a Problem
  • Problem Solving in Action

Making Decisions

  • What it Means
  • Types of Decisions
  • Facts vs. Information
  • Decision-Making Traps

Getting Real

The Problem-Solving Model

  • Model Overview
  • Real Problems
  • Phase One
  • Phase Two
  • Phase Three

Case Study

The Problem-Solving Toolkit

  • The Basic Tools
  • The Fishbone
  • Degrees of Support
  • Creative Thinking Methods
  • Brainstorming and Brainwriting


  • Decision Information
  • Individual Action Steps

Swotting Up

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Individual Analysis

Making Good Group Decisions

  • Working Toward the Decision
  • Avoiding Fatal Mistakes

Analyzing and Selecting Solutions

  • Selecting Criteria
  • Creating a Cost-Benefit Analysis

Planning and Organizing

  • Introduction
  • Follow-up Analysis
  • Evaluate
  • Adapt, Close, and Celebrate

Overview of Emotional Intelligence

History of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence Defined

  • Definitions and Thoughts

EI Blueprint


  • What is Optimism?
  • ABCs of Optimism
  • Pessimism vs. Optimism
  • Adversities

Validating Emotions in Others

Understanding Emotions

  • The Seven Human Emotions
  • Positives and Negatives
  • The Emotional Map

Setting Your Personal Vision

  • Defining Your Principles
  • Understanding Your Values
  • Considering Your Strengths and Talents
  • What’s Standing in Your Way?
  • Think in Terms of Relationships
  • Creating Your Vision Statement

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