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Cyber Security: Threat Analysis and Response Solutions Training

This four-day course addresses the most pressing issues facing cyber-security from both a national and global perspective.

Course Overview

Our 3-day, instructor-led Cyber Security: Threat Analysis and Response Solutions Training course covers the following topics:

  • Threat identification
  • Insider threat prevention
  • Detection and mitigation
  • Assessment of security assurance
  • Information terrorism
  • Information security management standards
  • Public policy drivers
  • The role of information security professionals

Before taking this course, you should have some knowledge of threat identification, detection and mitigation, security assurance and network security protocol.


2/25/20 - 2/27/20 (3 days)

8:30AM - 4:00PM

Mechanicsburg, PA
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Course Outline

Digital Forensics

  • Defining digital forensics
  • Engaging forensics services
  • Reporting crime
  • Search warrant and law
  • Forensic roles
  • Forensic job market
  • Forensic training

Cybercrime And Defenses

  • Crime in a digital age
  • Exploitation
  • Adversaries
  • Cyber law

Building A Digital Forensics Lab

  • Desktop virtualization
  • Installing Kali Linux
  • Attack virtual machines
  • Cuckoo sandbox
  • Binwalk
  • The sleuth kit
  • Cisco snort
  • Windows tools
  • Physical access controls
  • Storing your forensics evidence
  • Jump bag

Responding To A Breach

  • Why organizations fail at incident response
  • Preparing for a cyber incident
  • Defining incident response
  • Incident response plan
  • Assembling your incident response team
  • Responding to an incident
  • Assessing incident severity
  • Following notification procedures
  • Employing post-incident actions and procedures
  • Identifying software used to assist in responding to a breach


  • Pre-investigation
  • Opening a case
  • First responder
  • Device power state
  • Search and seizure
  • Chain of custody
  • Network investigations
  • Forensics reports
  • Closing the case
  • Critiquing the case

Collecting And Preserving Evidence

  • First responder
  • Evidence
  • Hard drives
  • Volatile data
  • Duplication
  • Hashing
  • Data preservation

Endpoint Forensics

  • File systems
  • Windows registry
  • Printer spools
  • Log analysis
  • IoT forensics

Network Forensics

  • Network protocols
  • Security tools
  • Security logs
  • Network baselines
  • Symptoms of threats

Mobile Forensics

  • Mobile devices
  • iOS Architecture
  • iTunes Forensics
  • iOS Snapshots
  • How to jailbreak the iPhone
  • Android
  • Bypass PIN
  • Forensics with commercial tools
  • Call logs and SMS spoofing
  • Voicemail bypass
  • How to find burner phones
  • SIM card cloning

Email And Social Media

  • Message in a bottle
  • Email header
  • Social media
  • People search
  • Google search
  • Facebook search

Cisco Forensics Capabilities

  • Cisco security archietcture
  • Cisco open source
  • Cisco firepower
  • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)
  • Cisco threat grid
  • Cisco web security appliance
  • Cisco CTA
  • Meraki
  • Email security appliance
  • Cisco identity services engine
  • Cisco stealthwatch
  • Cisco tetration
  • Cisco umbrella
  • Cisco cloudlock
  • Cisco network technology

Forensics Case Studies

  • Investigating network communication
  • Using endpoint forensics
  • Investigating malware
  • Investigating volatile data
  • Acting as first responder

Forensic Tools

  • Tools
  • Mobile devices
  • Kali Linux tools
  • Cisco tools
  • Forensic software packages
  • Useful websites
  • Miscellaneous sites
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