Bullying in the Workplace

Course Overview

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These questions are answered in this one-day course. Specific learning objectives include:

  • Define what bullying is and is not
  • Understand the costs of bullying to people and organizations
  • Identify bullying behaviors and the reasons behind them
  • Know some ways to prevent bullying and understand what role you can play
  • Know some ways to protect yourself from bullying
  • Know what to do if you are bullied
  • Identify appropriate solutions for a bullying incident (within and outside the organization)
  • Assist in creating an anti-bullying policy


Currently, there are no public classes scheduled. Please contact a Phoenix TS Training Consultant to discuss hosting a private class at 240-667-7757.


1 Day



Course Outline

Module 1: Course Overview

  • Trainer and student introductions
  • Course Objectives
  • Personal Objectives

Module 2: Defining Bullying

  • What is bullying?
  • Examples of bullying
  • Bullying statistics

Module 3: Why Bullies Do What They Do

  • Origins of bullying behavior
  • Various types of bullying

Module 4: Building a Shield Against Bullies

  • Four tools to protect against bullying
  • About distorted thinking

Module 5: What to Do If It Happens to You

  • Short-term strategies
  • Long-term strategies

Module 6: What to Do If You Witness Bullying

  • Actions to take
  • Why many people do not act

Module 7: Creating an Anti-Bullying Workplace

  • Key parts to an anti-bullying policy
  • Enforcing your policy
  • Monitor your policy
  • Action plan for your workplace

Module 8: The Law on Bullying

  • Anti-bullying laws around the world
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