FITSI Names Phoenix TS New Authorized Training Center!

November 13, 2014

Ashley Neu
FITSP IT security Certification for Federal Government

We are proud to announce that we are officially the latest FITSI authorized training center!

FITSI stands for the Federal IT Security Institute, a nonprofit organization tasked with managing and organizing a unique certification program geared solely to the Federal workforce. It is no surprise that the US Federal government operates under it’s own standards and best practices; the real shock is that no IT security certification program is geared solely to government operation procedures. FITSI will change that.

The Federal IT Security Professional (FITSP) certification program is broken up into four main IT security roles:

  • Manager
  • Designer
  • Operator
  • Auditor

These certification paths will take the industry’s leading security certifications and synergize the knowledge they accredit within the policies and procedures of US government. This a feat strictly in line with the FITSI mission “To help secure the Nation’s Federal Information Systems by certifying that Federal Workforce members understand and can apply appropriate Federal IT security standards.”

As a current security training provider to many Federal government agencies, Phoenix TS is extremely excited to begin offering this specialized training to our nation’s military, civilian and contract workers.”As a student, it is always more exciting to not just learn concepts but to learn how to apply them to your specific organization and the FITSI courses will allow us to provide this type of training to our students,” said Phoenix TS CEO, Firoozeh Azarbaidjani-Do.

To begin enrolling in FITSI certification training courses, visit the course pages below or contact our Training Consultants at 301-258-8200 or promo@phoenixts.com. 

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