Class Details

Price: $1,195

Course Includes: 

  • Instructor-led training 
  • Course exercises and labs
  • Training manual 
  • Notepad, pen, highlighter
  • Course retake option 
  • Full breakfast in the morning with bagels, fruit, yogurt, doughnuts and juice 
  • Assortment of beverages including coffee, tea, soda, filtered water and juice
  • Fresh baked cookies in the afternoon *only at participating locations 

An expert instructor will use tested security techniques and real-world case studies to teach students how to expose, pursue, and prosecute the perpetrators of advanced persistent threats (APTs). Upon completion of this course students will know how to assess a network’s vulnerabilities, zero in on targets, and effectively block intruders. Students will discover how to set up digital traps, misdirect and divert attackers, configure honeypots, mitigate encrypted crimeware, and identify malicious software groups. The course also provides full coverage of legal and ethical issues, operational vetting, and security team management. 

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Course Outline

State of the Advanced Cyber Threat 

  • What Makes a Threat Advanced and Persistent? 
  • Advanced and Persistent Threat Examples 

What is Deception? 

  • How Does Deception Fit in Countering Cyber Threats? 
  • 6 Principles of Deception 
  • Traditional Deception 
  • Why Use Deception? 
  • Deception Maxims
  • Understanding the Information Picture 

Cyber Counterintelligence 

  • Fundamental Competencies 
  • Applying Counterintelligence to the Cyber Realm 
  • Sizing Up Advanced and Persistent Threats 
  • Cyber Counterintelligence - Lab 

Profiling Fundamentals 

  • Cyber Profiling 
  • Objectives of Profiling 
  • Nature of Profiling 
  • Basic Types of Profiling 
  • Inductive and Deductive Profiling 
  • Information  Vectors for Profiling 
  • Profiling - Lab 

Actionable Legal Knowledge for the Security Professional 

  • How to Work with a Lawyer
  • What You Should Know About Legal Research 
  • Communicating with Lawyers 
  • Cyberspace Ethics 


  • Categories of Threat 
  • Eveolution of Vectors 
  • Tools and Techniques of Attackers 
  • Threats - Lab 

Operational Deception 

  • Insider Threat 
  • Social Engineering 
  • Operational Deception - Lab 

Tools and Tactics

  • Detection Technologies 
  • Host-Based Tools 
  • Network-Based Tools 
  • Methodologies of Cyber Crime 
  • Risk Assessment - Check Yourself Before You're Wrecked 
  • Analysis Detection Systems 

Attack Characterization 

  • Post-Incident Characterization 
  • Real-World Tactics 

Attack Attribution 

  • Profiling Vectors 
  • Strategic Application of Profiling Techniques 
  • Micro and Macro Level Analysis 

The Value of APTs 

  • Espionage 
  • Costs of Cyber Espionage 
  • Value Network Analysis 

When and When Not to Act 

  • Determining Threat Severity 
  • Incident Reporting 
  • Cyber Threat Acquisition 

Implementation and Validation