Triple Play Training Promotion

Take 3 Certification or Skills-Based Training Classes Over 18 Months for One Price of $5,295

Maximize Your Annual Training Funds

The Triple Play is our answer to helping people receive the professional development they need to perform their jobs more effectively without breaking the bank. Here is why you need to consider the Triple Play:

  • This promotion can result in over $1,800* in training discounts – essentially giving you an entire class for FREE!
  • You have 18 months to complete your courses so you do not run the risk of having to take off multiple weeks in one year. In fact, signing up mid-fiscal year can allow you to stretch the three courses over three fiscal years!
  • Many organizations and agencies offer an annual training stipend of $5,000 or more minimizing your educational investment even further!

Triple Play Class List

You can choose any 3 of the classes below to build your Triple Play. Not sure what classes you want right now? No problem! You can decide later which classes you want too.

Want To Discuss The Triple Play?

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