Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs)

You may be entitled to free Microsoft training.

Learn what steps must be taken to boost productivity across your entire organization by redeeming Software Assurance Training Vouchers from a Microsoft Certified Partner.

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What are Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs)?

Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers are included in Volume Licensing purchases. These training vouchers are intended to help boost organizational productivity by providing the end user and technical training your staff needs in order to make the most of your IT investment.

Technical Training with SATV:

SATVs are available to use toward instructor-led technical classroom training programs that are taught by a Microsoft Learning Partner. These courses are ideal in teaching your IT staff the proper steps to deploy, manage, support and adopt new Microsoft software.

End-User Training with Software Assurance E-Learning?

Train your entire staff on the Microsoft products they use every day such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word, so that they can develop the skills necessary to increase day-to-day productivity. End-user training is typically delivered via internet or intranet e-learning programs.

* SATVs cannot be used toward the purchase of a reseller class. To determine if the class you are interested in can be purchased with SATVs contact a Training Consultant at 301-258-8200.

Benefits of Software Assurance Training

How individuals benefit from utilizing Microsoft training vouchers:

  • Effectively prepare your organization for Microsoft product deployment upgrades
  • Receive training that will help you earn valuable in-demand Microsoft certifications
  • Increase the productivity of your team
  • Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to bring co-workers up to speed

How entire organizations benefit from redeeming Microsoft training vouchers:

  • Significantly reduce your overall IT training budget
  • Enhance your teams’ technical knowledge and skills
  • Prepare IT professionals to successfully deploy, manage and migrate to the latest Microsoft technologies
  • Maximize the return on your software investment
  • Reduce downtime associated with steep learning curves

How to Redeem Software Assurance Training at Phoenix TS

The first step to activating and redeeming your Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers is to assign a Benefits Administrator to your Microsoft Volume License Software account. The Benefits Administrator must then create a voucher by selecting the number of training days associated with the voucher and what employee will be receiving the voucher. The employee will then receive an email with voucher information and available partners to choose from.

The number of training days available is determined by the particular product and number of licenses you have through Software Assurance.

The Benefits Administrator can assign vouchers to individuals using the Microsoft Volume License Software website:

Training vouchers are available throughout the entire term of your agreement but once a voucher is activated and assigned to an individual, it will expire after 180 days. The right to access vouchers is forfeited when software assurance coverage expires. Vouchers activated and reserved with Phoenix TS prior to the expiration of software assurance coverage are still valid 180 days from the day it was created and assigned to an individual.