Federal Flex Savings Plan

Providing continued education for your staff represents a large but necessary investment. We created the Federal Flex Savings Plan to make our world-class training even more cost effective. By investing you preserve your training budget for 18 months, have access to the lowest training rates available and the flexibility to train using any modality offered by Phoenix TS.

Maximize Your Budget Now!

Why Should You Invest?

  • If you have a team that needs training at different times or in different subject areas you can still purchase at a group rate by investing in our plan.
  • If you have a training budget that is about to expire you can invest to preserve your funds for 18 months and take the time to determine what training you really need.
  • If you oversee your organization’s entire training program you can invest at the beginning of your year, ensuring you maximize your spending ability.
  • If you don’t want to directly manage your training funds, you can use our plan to let us manage the budget and enroll students as you need us to.

What is the Federal Flex Savings Plan ?

The Federal Flex Savings Plan allows you reserve your training budget to be spent with the training provider you already know and love, Phoenix TS. As a result of your participation in the Phoenix TS Federal Flex Savings Plan, you will also receive unique rates on most classes you purchase through us:

Amount You Invest

Eligible Class Rate for the Plan

$5,295 Save over 30% off purchase of 3 classes – Learn more here
$15,000-$24,999 10% Off Courses
$25,000-$49,999 15% Off Courses
$50,000-$74,999 20% Off Courses
$75,000-$99,999 25% Off Courses
$100,000+ 30% Off Courses


*Read Terms and Conditions for Triple Play Offer

What Classes Can Be Purchased Through the Plan?

The money reserved can be applied to most instructor-led classroom training and live virtual training listed on our public schedule. You can also use it to run a private class of your choosing.

The Specifics

Here are those sneaky fine print details about applying the Federal Flex Savings Plan:

  1. Reduced rates associated the Federal Flex Savings Plan are applied against the current full list price of a course
  2. Reduced rates associated with the Federal Flex Savings Plan cannot be combined with any other course promotional rates
  3. The  Federal Flex Savings Plan does not offer reduced rates for reseller run classes; check with your training consultant for the most recent list of these, but at this time courses include:
    1. Red Hat
    2. Cloudera
    3. VMWare
  4. The Federal Flex Savings Plan cannot be used for anything other than training seats (i.e., certification exam voucher purchases, books, etc).

Some exclusions may apply, please contact a Training Consultant at 301-258-8200 to verify the types of training you are interested in is eligible under the Federal Flex Savings Plan.

Learn How to Invest and Redeem with the Federal Flex Savings Plan

Start Investing Now

In order to reserve your training budget and secure the unique promotional rate associated with the Federal Flex Savings Plan, reach out to our team at 240-667-7757 to speak to one of our Training Consultants. You can also reach out to our team using the form on your left.


Redeeming Classes Through Your Plan

Redeeming is simple, all you need to do is contact the Training Consultant who set up your Savings Plan with the class or classes you want to enroll yourself or your employees in and they will apply the available funds and register the student(s).

In case you can’t remember your consultant’s contact info, just reach out to our team at 240-667-7757 and we can connect you.