Phoenix TS Accepts Your Training Vouchers

At Phoenix TS our goal is always to create an enjoyable and attainable learning experience for you and your staff. In order to make training as easy as possible for you, we have partnered up with some of the industry’s biggest names in order to accept training vouchers you already have. In addition, we have created our own Federal Flexperform at their best. Learn how you can apply the following training vouchers to your next training event:

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Phoenix TS Federal Flex Savings Plan

The Federal Flex Savings Plan is an initiative launched by Phoenix TS to help you preserve your training budget for 18 months, have access to the lowest training rates available and the flexibility to train using any modality offered by Phoenix TS. This plan allows us to take away the stress of managing a training budget and instead allow you the ease of just sending students to use as needed.

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Phoenix TS Flex Savings

Inspired by the success of the Federal Flex Savings Plan among our government clients, we developed a similar plan for the commercial world with the Flex Savings Plan. This initiative provides access to exclusive training rates and the freedom to train your staff in any training method they want. This plan will allow you to train more of your team for less money and help increase the effectiveness of your organization as a whole.

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Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers SATVs

Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers are included in Volume Licensing purchases. These training vouchers are intended to help boost organizational productivity by providing the end user and technical training your staff needs in order to make the most of your IT investment.

Learn How to Use Your Micrsoft SATVs

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