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Price: $1,990

Course Includes:

  • Class exercises in addition to training instruction
  • Courseware books, notepads, pens, highlighters and other materials
  • Full breakfast with variety of bagels, fruits, yogurt, doughnuts and juice
  • Tea, coffee, and soda available all day
  • Freshly baked cookies every afternoon - * only at participating locations

The 4-day instructor-led training experience provides an advanced understanding of different types of exploits and intrusion detection mechanisms. Creating filters and signatures, detecting common exploits, denial of service attacks, information gathering techniques, countermeasures, automated and manual responses, escalation procedures for incident response. Students will be able to identify patterns of attacks or common exploits based on network traffic and packet information.

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Course Outline

Module 1: Exploiting TCP

Module 2: Introduction to Filters and Signatures

Module 3: Architectural Issues

Module 4: Interoperability and Correlation

Module 5: Network-Based Intrusion Detection Solutions

Module 6: Detection of Exploits

Module 7: Denial of Service

Module 8: Intelligence Gathering Techniques

Module 9: Coordinated Attacks

Module 10: Risk Management and Intrusion Detection

Module 11: Automated and Manual Response

Module 12: Business Case for Intrusion Detection