Class Details

Price: $3,400

Training Options - JB348 and JB348VT

The training options available are:

  • Red Hat JBoss Application Administration II (JB348) 
  • Red Hat JBoss Application Administration II Virtual (JB348VT)

For group training options call us at (240) 667-7757 or email 

Course Outline

Installing Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6

  • Executing successful JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 installations


  • Understanding clustering components and configuration
  • Learning about clustered architectures


  • Deploying applications in production environments


  • Utilizing the CLI for scripting configuration and management situations


  • Monitoring and managing tools for the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform


  • Managing messaging systems


  • Configuring security settings such as networking, management interfaces, authorization and authentication

JBoss Operations Network

  • JBoss Operations Network capabilities
  • Installing JBoss Operations Network server, agent and agent plug-ins

Resource Monitoring

  • JBoss Operations Network for monitoring resources with notifications, alerts and baselines


  • Installing JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 and Additional Components
  • Understanding Clustering including Tuning
  • Deploying Applications to Production and Cloud Environments
  • Scripting with the Command-Line Interface (CLI)
  • Monitoring and Managing Resources for the Enterprise Application Platform (EAP)
  • Managing, Clustering and Tuning HornetQ Messaging Systems
  • Configuring Security Settings such as Management Interfaces, Authentication, Authorization and Networking