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Introduction to Python 3 Training

This 3-day Introduction to Python 3 programming course to build fundamental Python programming understanding and skills.

Course Overview

This is a 3-day introductory level course to the Python programming language. This course provides students with the fundamental skills they need to construct non trivial Python programs concerning a wide array of subject matter domains. The training includes hands-on labs in either Linux or Windows to increase the overall value of the instruction.


5/26/20 - 5/28/20 (3 days)

8:30AM - 4:30PM

Columbia, MD

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Course Outline

A Python Overview

  • History of the Language and Different Python Versions
  • Installation Process and Environment Variables
  • Command Line Execution of Python
  • IDLE Environment
  • Python File Edits and Documentation
  • Dynamic types
  • Reserved Words
  • Conventions for Naming

Basic Syntax

  • Overview of Syntax
  • Commentary
  • String Values, Methods and Operators
  • Format Method
  • Numeric Data Types
  • Functions for Conversion
  • Simple Input and Output
  • Percent Method
  • Print Function

Components of the Language

  • Requirements for Indenting
  • if Statements
  • Relational, Logical and Bit Wise Operators
  • While and For Loops
  • Break and Continue


  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Sets
  • Dictionaries and Sorting Dictionaries
  • Copying Collections


  • Function Definition
  • Parameters
  • Documenting Functions
  • Keyword and Optional Parameters
  • Collection Passing to Functions
  • Argument Variable Numbers
  • Scope
  • “First Class Citizens” Function
  • Function Passing to Function
  • Dictionary Mapping of Functions
  • Lambda
  • Inner Functions
  • Closures


  • Overview of Modules
  • Standard Modules – sys, math, time
  • dir Function


  • Errors
  • Run Time Errors
  • Exception Model and Hierarchy
  • Multiple Exceptions
  • Raise
  • Assert
  • Crafting Exception Classes

Input, Output

  • Data Streams and Creating Individual Streams
  • Access Modes
  • Writing and Reading Data to and from a File
  • Supplementary File Methods
  • Pipes as Data Streams
  • Managing IO Exceptions
  • Handling Directories
  • Metadata
  • Pickle Module

Python Classes

  • Classes in Python
  • Object Orientation Principles
  • Class Creation
  • Instance Methods
  • Organizing Files
  • Distinct Methods
  • Variables for Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Identifying Types
  • Customized Exception Classes

Regular Expressions

  • Simple Character Matches
  • Special Characters
  • Character Classes
  • Quantifiers
  • Dot Character
  • Greedy Matches
  • Grouping
  • Beginning or End Matching
  • Match Objects
  • Substituting
  • String Splits
  • Regular Expressions Compilation
  • Flags


Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for professionals who benefit from Python programming skills or individuals looking to begin a programming career.

What is the recommended experience for this course?

Students should have minimal experience with or knowledge of one of these programming language, such as C, C++, Perl, Java, Ruby, VB or other equivalent languages.

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  • Included in this Introduction to Python 3 Training

    • 3 days instructor-led training
    • Introduction to Python 3 Training training book
    • Notepad, pen and highlighter
    • Variety of bagels, fruits, doughnuts and cereal available at the start of class*
    • Tea, coffee and soda available throughout the day*
    • Freshly baked cookies every afternoon*
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