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Price: $2,195

Course Includes:

  • Hours of hands-on hacking labs
  • Expert instructor to guide your lab experience and add value
  • 24/7 access to labs for the duration of the class plus six months additional access


Course Outline

Module 1: TCIP Packet Analysis

  • Lab 1A: TCP/IP Packet Analysis Using Wireshark

Module 2: Information Gathering

  • Lab 2A: Information Gathering

Module 3: Vulnerability Analysis

  • Lab 3A: Vulnerability Analysis Using the Nessus Tool

Module 4: External Penetration Testing

  • Lab 4A: Exploring and Auditing a Network Using Nmap

Module 5: Internal Network Penetration

  • Lab 5A: Scanning a Local Machine for Open Ports Using TCPView
  • Lab 5B: User Activity Monitoring and Recording Using Power Spy 2013
  • Lab 5C: Capture Remote Interfaces Using Wireshark

Module 6: Firewall Penetration Testing

  • Lab 6A: HTTP Tunneling to Bypass Firewalls Using HTTPort

Module 7: IDS Penetration Testing

  • Lab 7A: Detecting Intrusions Using Snort
  • Lab 7B: Intrusion Detection Using KFSensor Honeypot IDS

Module 8: Password Cracking Penetration Testing

Module 9: Social Engineering Penetration Testing

  • Lab 9A: Social Engineering Penetration Testing Using Social Engineering Toolkit (SET)
  • Lab 9B: Intrusion Detection Using KFSensor Honeypot IDS

Module 10: Web Application Penetration Testing

  • Lab 10A: Hacking Web Applications

Module 11: SQL Penetration Testing

  • Lab 11A: SQL Injection Attacks on MS SQL Database


Provide expert knowledge about the tools used in the forensic investigation

2.    Provide expert knowledge about the tools used in computer forensics

3.    Help students understand how to recover deleted files from a hard disk and analyze file systems

4.    Find Windows event logs, Windows processes, search key values and dated in Windows, using Windows log analysis and file the analysis forensic tools.

5.    Help students learn to monitor a system remotely and to extract hidden text strings and other tasks

6.    Provide expert knowledge on recovering deleted files and partitions

7.    Provide expert knowledge about the AccessData FTK used in computer forensics

8.    Provide expert knowledge on conducting large-scale and complex forensics investigation from start to finish using EnCase Forensic.

9.    Find steganographic content, and extract information from the image file using steganalysis and image file forensics tools.

1  Provide expert knowledge in cracking password-protected files using password cracking techniques on password crackers that recover the passwords.

Provide forensic investigation with a solid understanding of how to capture and analyze the logs of a network, as well as other responsibilities.

Make forensic investigators understand how to sniff a network and analyze packets of the target network.

Investigate the wireless networks for attacks

Provide expert knowledge of tracking emails, investigating email crimes, and other responsibilities

1 Create an investigative report that identifies the continuity of the information and describes the procedures utilized during investigation.

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