Class Details

Price: $4,395

5-day Course includes:

  • Instructional training and class exercises
  • Required course materials such as pens, notebooks, highlighters, books and other materials
  • Course Retake option
  • Exam sample questions
  • Breakfast, which includes a combination of bagels, doughnuts, yogurt, fruit and juices
  • Soda/Coffee/Tea, which are available throughout the day
  • Fresh baked cookies are available in the afternoon at participating locations 


The DCUCI training course is available in both an online and in-person format. This 5-day training course is part of the CCNP Data Center certification and is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to manage, maintain, troubleshoot and execute an effective virtualization implementation strategy.

In addition, students will be led through all the exam objectives so that they are properly prepared to handle the DCUCI exam at the end of the 5-day course.

Course Outline

USC C-Series Rack Servers
  • R-Series Rack Enclosures Implementation
  • UCS C-Series Server Hardware Installation Process
  • Installing UCS C-Series Servers in a R-Series Rack Enclosure
  • UCS C-Series Firmware with Host Upgrade Utility
  • Provisioning Monitoring and Logging on the Cisco UCS C-Series Server
  • LAN and SAN Connectivity Provision for Cisco Integrated Management Controller
  • RAID Provisions on the Cisco UCS C-Series Server
  • VMware ESXi Installation on UCS C-Series Server Local RAID Array

Cisco UCS B-Series Management

  • RBAC Implementation
  • Cisco UCS B-Series Firmware Management and Upgrade Process
  • Backup, Import, and Restoration of the UCS Manager Database
  • Logging and Monitoring Implementation
  • High Availability Implementation

UCS B-Series Connectivity

  • Implementing Physical Connectivity for the UCS B-Series
  • Hardware Installation for UCS B-Series
  • Implementing Connectivity for Cisco UCS B-Series LAN
  • Implementing Connectivity for Cisco UCS B-Series SAN

Provisioning Compute Resources for Cisco UCS

  • Cisco UCS Cluster
  • LAN Networking
  • SAN Networking
  • Cisco UCS Manager Resource Pools
  • Cisco UCS Manager Server Policies
  • Cisco UCS Manager’s Service Profiles from Templates 
  • UCS C-Series Server in UCS Manager 

Implement Virtualization Features in Cisco UCS Server

  • Overview of the Provisioning Process
  • Cisco VM-FEX
  • Cisco VM-FEX Universal Pass-Through


  • UCS C-Series Rack Servers
  • Cisco UCS B-Series Management
  • UCS B-Series Connectivity
  • Provisioning Compute Resources for Cisco UCS
  • Implement Virtualization Features in Cisco UCS Server

Class Exam

The DCUCI exam is one of four needed for the CCNP Data Center certification. Once you have taken both the DCUCI exam and the DCUFI exam, you may select either the design or troubleshooting track (two exams per track).

DCUCI 642-999 exam details:

  • Number of Questions: 65-75
  • Test Duration: 90 minutes
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, Drag and Drop, Fill in the Blank, Simulation
  • Test Delivery: Pearson VUE

The DCUCI exam tests candidates in the following areas:

  • Implementing C-Series Standalone
  • Configuring Cisco UCS B-Series Connectivity
  • Managing Cisco UCS B-Series
  • Provision Cisco UCS Compute Resources
  • Implementing Cisco UCS Server Virtualization Features

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