Class Details

Price: $2,185
3 Day Course

Course Includes:

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  • Training and in-class exercises
  • Text books, pens, highlighters, notepads and other needed materials
  • Exam Voucher
  • A second chance voucher included with full price purchases
  • Course Retake option
  • Practice exam questions
  • Full breakfast including doughnuts, bagels, fruit, yogurt and juice
  • Free coffee, soda and tea
  • Fresh baked cookies (participating locations)

For group training options contact our Training and Certification Consultants at (240) 667-7757

Course Outline

Domain 1: Planning Prior to the Course

  • Reviewing the Learning Objectives and Aligning with Organizational Necessities
  • Constructing a Learning Friendly Environment

Domain 2: Methods and Media for Instructional Delivery

  • Selecting and Implementing Instructional Techniques

Domain 3: Instructor Credibility and Communications

  • Evaluating Instructor Subject Expertise and Delivery
  • Communication and Presentation Ability

Domain 4: Group Facilitation

  • Establishing and Managing Learner-Focused Environments
  • Encouraging and Cultivating Learner Engagement in the Classroom

Domain 5: Evaluate the Training Event

  • Learner Performance During and at Conclusion Evaluation
  • Instructor and Course Evaluation


  • Planning Prior to the Course
  • Methods and Media for Instructional Delivery
  • Instructor Credibility and Communications
  • Group Facilitation
  • Evaluate the Training Event

Class Exam

About the CTT Certification and Exams

This certification, when gained after completing both exams, proves that an instructor holds a certain level of knowledge, skills and excellence necessary for instruction within the classroom. The cross industry certification applies to all training professionals for technical and non-technical training. To earn this certification candidates must pass the computer-based exam and a classroom trainer evaluation.

Exam Details

CTT+ Essentials Computer-Based Exam: (TK0-201) 

Number of Questions: 95

Test Length: 90 minutes

Passing Score: 655 on a scale of 100-900

CTT+ Classroom Trainer Exam (TK0-202):

CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer Exam: TK0-203

Passing Score: 36

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01/23/19 - 01/25/19, 3 days, 8:30AM – 4:30PM Columbia, MD Register
09/04/19 - 09/06/19, 3 days, 8:30AM – 4:30PM Columbia, MD Register