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Price: $2,425

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CISM Training Course Includes:

  • 5-Day Training with a CISM Certified Instructor
  • CISM All-In-One Exam Guide
  • 400+ CISM Practice Questions 
  • Customizable Test Engine to Focus on Specific Chapters or Domains of Your Choosing
  • Pre and Post Assessments 
  • Onsite CISM Exam Scheduling
  • Certificate of Completion for up to 40
  • CEUs/CPEs to be used toward renewing relevant certifications
  • CISM Course Retake Guarantee
  • Meets 8570.01-M Training Requirements for IAM Level II & III and CSSP Mangaer

Course Outline

CISM Training Course Outline:

Module 1: Information Security (IS) Governance

Lesson 1A: Identifying Assets

Lesson 1B: Assessing Risk and Vulnerabilities

Lesson 1C: Managing Assets

Module 2: Information Risk Management

Lesson 2A: Clarifying Assets and Establishing Ownership

Lesson 2B: Structuring the Information Risk Assessment Process

Lesson 2C: Assessing Business Impacts

Lesson 2D: Managing Change

Module 3: Developing an IS Program

Lesson 3A: IS Strategy

Lesson 3B: Aligning Other Programs for Assurance Functions

Lesson 3C: Developing IS Architectures

Lesson 3D: Security Awareness, Training and Education

Lesson 3E: Communication and Maintaining Standards, Procedures and Other Documents

Lesson 3F: Controlling Change

Lesson 3G: Lifecycle Activities and Security Metrics

Module 4: IS Program Management

Lesson 4A: Fundamentals of Planning and Managing a Security Program

Lesson 4B: Security Baselines and Business Processes

Lesson 4C: Security Program Infrastructure

Lesson 4D: Lifecycle Policies

Lesson 4E: Security Impact on Users and Accountability

Lesson 4F: Security Metrics

Lesson 4G: Resource Management

Module 5: Incident Management and Response

Lesson 5A: Fundamentals and Importance of Response Management

Lesson 5B: Business Impact Analysis

Lesson 5C: Response and Recovery Plan Development

Lesson 5D: Incident Response Process

Lesson 5E: Response and Recovery Plan Implementation

Lesson 5F: Documenting Responses

Lesson 5G: Post-Event Procedures


At the completion of this course, students will be able to do the following:

  • Develop an information security strategy aligned with business goals and objectives
  • Align information security strategy with corporate governance
  • Develop business cases justifying investment in information security
  • Identify current and potential legal and regulatory requirements
  • Identify drivers affecting the organization
  • Obtain senior management commitment
  • Define roles and responsibilities for information security
  • Establish internal and external reporting and communication channels

Class Exam

CISM Certification Exam and Testing:

Starting in 2017, the CISM exam will be offered via Computer-Based Testing (CBT) during 3 testing windows per year. The first published testing window by ISACA is listed below.

2017 CISM Exam May 1-June 30 Testing Window:

  • 23 June 2017 Final Registration Deadline

CISM Exam Details:

  • Number of Questions: 200
  • Passing Score: 450 passing on the scale of 200-800.
  • Test Duration: 4 Hours
  • Test Format: Written Examination
  • Test Delivery: ISACA (This exam is only being delivered three times a year)

CISM Certification measures following Skills:

  • Access Control Systems & Methodology
  • Applications & Systems Development
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Cryptography
  • Law, Investigation & Ethics
  • Operations Security (Computer)
  • Physical Security
  • Security Architecture & Models
  • Security Management Practices
  • Telecommunications & Network Security

CISM Certification Exam Price: $585

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11/04/19 - 11/08/19, 5 days, 8:00AM – 5:00PM Columbia, MD Register
11/11/19 - 11/15/19, 5 days, 8:00AM – 5:00PM Raleigh, NC Register
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01/06/20 - 01/10/20, 5 days, 8:00AM – 5:00PM Columbia, MD Register
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