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Price: $2,425

Course Includes:

  • 5-Day Training with a CISA Certified Instructor
  • CISA All-In-One Exam Guide
  • 400+ CISA Practice Questions 
  • Customizable Test Engine to Focus on Specific Chapters or Domains of Your Choosing
  • Pre and Post Assessments 
  • Onsite CISA Exam Scheduling
  • Certificate of Completion for up to 40
  • CEUs/CPEs to be used toward renewing relevant certifications
  • CISA Course Retake Guarantee
  • Sample exam questions
  • Meets 8570.01-M Training Requriements for CSSP Auditor
  • Breakfast, which includes a combination of bagels, doughnuts, yogurt, fruit and juices
  • Soda/Coffee/Tea, which are available throughout the day
  • Fresh baked cookies are available in the afternoon at participating locations

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Course Outline

Module 1: Audit Process

  • Lesson 1A: Risk and Audit
  • Lesson 1B: Guidelines and Standards

Module 2: IT Governance

  • Lesson 2A: Best Practices for IT Governance
  • Lesson 2B: Management Practices
  • Lesson 2C: Responsibilities and Roles

Module 3: Lifecycle Management

  • Lesson 3A: Project Management
  • Lesson 3B: Business Application Development
  • Lesson 3C: IS Maintenance Practices

Module 4: System Infrastructure Control

  • Lesson 4A: Controls for Auditing Applications
  • Lesson 4B: Application System Development and Business Application Systems

Module 5: IS Hardware and Architecture

  • Lesson 5A: IS Operations and Hardware
  • Lesson 5B: SDLC
  • Lesson 5C: Databases

Module 6: IS Used for IT Delivery and Support

  • Lesson 6A: OSI
  • Lesson 6B: TCP/IP Model
  • Lesson 6C: TCP, UDP, ICMP and IP
  • Lesson 6D: Routers, Switches and Hubs
  • Lesson 6E: Firewalls and Wireless
  • Lesson 6F: WAN Technologies

Module 7: Logical Assets Protection

  • Lesson 7A: CIA
  • Lesson 7B: RACI Roles and Responsibilities
  • Lesson 7C: Managing Assets
  • Lesson 7D: Information Classification
  • Lesson 7E: Managing Risk
  • Lesson 7F: Policies and Procedures
  • Lesson 7G: Standards, Guidelines and Baselines
  • Lesson 7H: Awareness, Training and Education

Module 8: Physical Security

  • Lesson 8A: Practices for Environmental Protection
  • Lesson 8B: Physical Authentication
  • Lesson 8C: Procedures and Polices

Module 9: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • Lesson 9A: BIA Policy, Roles and Teams
  • Lesson 9B: Data Backups, Vaulting, Shadowing and Journaling
  • Lesson 9C: Alternate Sites
  • Lesson 9D: Emergency Responses and Notification Requirements
  • Lesson 9E: BIA Tests


  • Auditing Process Overview
  • IT Governance
  • Lifecycle Management
  • System Infrastructure Control
  • IS Hardware and Architecture
  • Information Security for IT Delivery and Support
  • Protecting Logical Assets
  • Physical Security
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery 

Class Exam

CISA Certification Exam and Testing:

Starting in 2017, the CISA exam will be offered via Computer-Based Testing (CBT) during 3 testing windows per year. The first published testing window by ISACA is listed below.

2018 CISA Exam Windows:

  • February 1- May 24 Testing Window
    • 18 May 2018 Final Registration Deadline
  • June 1 - September 23 Testing Window
    • 18 September 2018 Final Registration Deadline

CISA Exam Details:

  • Number of Questions: 200
  • Passing Score: 450 passing on the scale of 200-800.
  • Test Duration: 4 Hours
  • Test Format: Written Examination
  • Test Delivery: ISACA (This exam is only being delivered three times a year)

CISA Certification Measures Skills within the Following Domains:

  • Auditing Information Systems
  • IT Governance and Management
  • IS Acquisition, Development, and Implementation
  • IS Operations, Maintenance, and Support
  • Information Asset Protection

CISA Certification Exam Price

Pricing for the CISA Certification Exam differs dependant on your member status, method of registration, and timing of exam registration. Learn more about pricing on the ISACA Exam Registration page.


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03/23/20 - 03/27/20, 5 days, 8:00AM – 5:00PM Online Register
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