CompTIA A+(Plus) Training Boot Camp

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5 Day Training Course in San Diego, CA

350 Tenth Ave #950, San Diego, CA 92101

This course supplies students with the knowledge and skills to prepare for the CompTIA A+ certification exam. The course consists of hands-on exercises and lectures focusing on topics such as computer hardware, operating systems, PC components, PC networking, PC security, laptops, printers, Linux, OS X and mobile OS overviews. This knowledge can kick start a long-term IT career within either the public or private sector.

Training at Phoenix TS includes:

✔ Price: $2,260
✔ Class exercises in addition to training instruction from a A+ certified instructor
✔ 60 days access to mock exams, practice questions, topic sheets & more
✔ Course retake option
✔ Exam vouchers
✔ Free exam retake vouchers with full purchase

CompTIA A+ is Listed on DoD Directive 8570.1 M

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A+ Training Course Outline

Peripherals and Adapters

  • Motherboard Components
  • Connection Interfaces
  • Display Devices
  • Audio and Multimedia Devices
  • Removable Storage Devices

System Components

  • Mass Storage Devices
  • System Memory
  • Processors
  • BIOS and UEFI
  • Power Supplies

Troubleshooting and Mobile

  • Troubleshooting System Components
  • Laptops
  • Mobile Devices
  • Troubleshooting Mobile Devices

Print and Network Services

  • Printers
  • Configuring Printers
  • Troubleshooting Printers
  • Internet Protocol
  • Network Services

Installing Networks

  • SOHO Networks
  • SOHO Internet Connections
  • Enterprise Networks
  • Troubleshooting Networks
  • Custom Configuration

Supporting Windows (1)

  • Windows Operating System
  • Administration Tools
  • Managing Storage
  • Managing files
  • Managing Applications

Supporting Windows (2)

  • Managing Devices
  • Managing Performance
  • Maintenance and Backup
  • Installing Windows

Windows Networking

  • Configuring Network Connections
  • Securing Network Connections
  • Configuring Shared Resources
  • Virtualization

Troubleshooting and Security

  • Troubleshooting PC Operating Systems
  • Troubleshooting Boot Problems
  • Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Viruses and Malware
  • Workstation Security
  • Data Security

Linux, OS X, and Mobile OS

  • Linux Operating System
  • OS X
  • Mobile Operating Systems
  • Mobile OS Security and Troubleshooting
  • Safety and Environmental Procedures
  • Professionalism and Communication