Certification Details

Courses required for the CSEP certificate:

1A. ASEP & CSEP Certification

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The ASEP and CSEP certification training course prepares students to meet the educational and work experience requirements to earn these INCOSE certifications. Once attained, these certifications validate a systems engineer’s skills, knowledge, and experience. These certifications are recognized internationally. 

Course Includes

 Price: $2,595

Course Includes:

  • Class exercises in addition to training instruction
  • Courseware books, notepads, pens, highlighters and other materials
  • Full breakfast with variety of bagels, fruits, yogurt, doughnuts and juice
  • Tea, coffee, and soda available all day
  • Freshly baked cookies every afternoon – * only at participating locations

For group training options, please call us at (240) 667-7757 or email promo@phoenixts.com. 

Course Outline

ASEP & CSEP INCOSE Certifications

  • Reviewing Certification Relevance 
  • Certification Application and Renewal Processes
  • What is the Systems Engineering Handbook
  • Handbook Scope and Relevance
  • Reviewing General Life Cycle Stages
  • Systems Engineering Importance and Application
  • SE Concepts and Terms

Techinical Processes

  • Stakeholder Requirements Definition Process
  • Requirements Analysis Process
  • The Architectural Design Process
  • The Implementation Process
  • The Integration Process
  • The Verification Process
  • The Transition Process
  • The Validation Process
  • The Operation Process
  • The Maintenance and Disposal Processes
  • What are the ‘Cross-Cutting’ Techniques

Project Processes 

  • The Project Planning Process
  • Assessing Projects
  • Control Process
  • Decision Process
  • Risk Management Process
  • Configuration Mangement Process
  • Information Management
  • Measuring Projects
  • Agreement Processes – Acquisition and Supply

Understanding Organizational Project-Enabling

  • The Life Cycle Management
  • The Infrastructure Management
  • Managing Project Portfolios
  • The Human Resource (HR) Management
  • The Quality Management Process

Systems Engineering Specialties

  • Acquisition Logistical Design
  • Analyzing Cost Effective Elements and Processes
  • What is Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis
  • The Environmental Impact
  • Understanding the Interoperability
  • Cost Analysis for Life Cycles
  • Analyzing Manufacture Process and Production
  • What is Mass Property Engineering
  • Proper Saftey and Health Hazards
  • Engineering and Sustainability
  • Understanding Human Systems Integration
  • The Inherent Value in Systems Engineering

Exam Preparation Materials

  • Utilizing the SE Handbook
  • How to Approach Studying for the Exam
  • Study Materials – Quizes, Exam Questions

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