Training Benefits

Here at Phoenix TS, our instructors combine years of practical knowledge and experience in order to provide you with a well-rounded learning experience. They know the importance of maximizing the benefits of an investment, especially a virtual infrastructure investment. They are well versed in the latest tools and techniques necessary to effectively instruct students on the total functionality of vSphere and the installation, configuration and management of VMware ESXi and the vCenter Server and all other VMware products.

How will VMware Training benefit the individual?

  • Increase your value within an organization, by developing your capability to maximize an organization’s virtual infrastructure investment
  • Advance your career by developing the necessary skills to administer and manage VMware products

How will VMware Training benefit the employer?

  • Maximize the benefits from your virtual infrastructure
  • Less time spent on repetitive process and increased focus on more important and necessary tasks

So if you’re ready to join over 80,000 other professionals who have seized the opportunity to get ahead, then enroll in a Phoenix TS course today.