Training Benefits

Phoenix TS is able to provide the most effective DoD and government training in the area because our instructors are subject matter experts with years of relevant experience. We offer a variety of government and DoD related courses on varying topics, guaranteeing you will find at least one suited to your career goals. These training courses are designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the public sector as well as improve the overall performance of government agencies.

How to Improve your Career with Government-Specific Training

  • Showcases dedication to improving job performance
  • Facilitates career advancement and raise opportunities
  • Continually advancing your job skills increases your value within your organization

Government Benefits from Trained Employees

  • Decreases the learning curve of new hires or employees assuming new responsibilities
  • Improved performance and efficiency
  • Reduction in overall costs

Our training center provides a variety of government-related training courses that can be applied to a wide range of job responsibilities. Phoenix TS provides hands-on learning opportunities specialized to your organizational needs so students leave our facilities fully prepared to put their skills to work. Our goal is to help you get the most out of training in order to improve the effectiveness of your operations while still reducing costs.

In order to begin reaping the benefits of specialized government training today, select the course which is ideal to advancing your career or the effectiveness of your team. Once on the course page simply register for the dates which are most convenient for you. If you do not see a time or will need to schedule an on-site or live virtual training solution, contact Phoenix TS by calling our headquarters at (301) 258-8200.