CWNP Certifications

Phoenix TS CWNP training prepares students to achieve the following certifications:

Training Benefits

The CWNP certification training path provides vendor-agnostic wireless accreditations to individuals just beginning their tech careers within a project management or technical sales role to those individuals working as a network engineer or administrator. Through this training, students will learn the fundamental skills that will allow them to work with any wireless network product. CWNP is an industry standard and certification is necessary for anyone wanting to break into the wireless field or take their Wi-Fi networking career to the next level.  

The Career Benefits of CWNP Training and Certification:

  • A course for every wireless career from beginning to expert
  • Opportunities to gain more advanced professional level certifications that can move your career to the next level
  • Accreditation of vendor-neutral skills that can be used with any wireless network product
  • Employers are willing to hire, promote and provide raises to individuals certified in their field

Benefits Employers Find in Providing CWNP Training:

  • Employees are capable of working with any wireless product
  • Knowing that potential employees are certified in the skills you need
  • Increased levels of performance and efficiency from certified individuals
  • Reduces learning curve of new hires and newly promoted employees

Phoenix TS trainers consistently strive to provide a well-rounded learning experience that combines lectures with hands-on exercises. This method reinforces concepts for students and also provides them with the training they need to immediately put their new skills to work once the course is over. Our highly qualified trainers are not only certified in the courses they teach but they have used those skills in real-world situations and can provide a level of insight that is not easily found in a classroom. 

In order to begin your world-class wireless training experience, choose the CWNP certification course appropriate to your experience level and enroll today. To begin the registration process go to the course page and view the all classes tab where you can select the time which works best for your schedule. If you still have questions regarding the best certification path for you or additional scheduling options please contact our training experts at (240) 667-7757.