CompTIA Certifications

Phoenix TS CompTIA training prepares students to achieve the following certifications:

Training Benefits

CompTIA’s extensive certification programs will provide the necessary credentials any professional needs to stand out in the IT job market. Further intermediate-level CompTIA certifications will build upon the IT basics and provide IT professionals with the accredited training they need to move into IT job position they want.

Individual’s benefits from CompTIA certifications like A+ and Network+:

  • Increased IT career opportunities
  • Greater job security
  • Industry recognized IT respect and credibility for credentials
  • Opportunities for lucrative IT careers within the government and military
  • Visible dedication to advancing your IT career
  • CompTIA certifications are required for programs with vendors such as Cisco, IBM and Microsoft

Employer benefits from CompTIA certifications like CASP and Security+:

  • Certified workers consistently provide higher customer satisfaction.
  • Increased productivity, especially visible when entire department teams hold CompTIA certifications
  • Decreased employee turnover rates

All CompTIA training courses are taught by certified and experienced trainers within the industry. Our trainers combine their own training knowledge with field experience to provide students with a learning experience that will truly transfer over to their IT careers.