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Windows 10 and its New Browser Spartan

Microsoft has not given up on Internet Explorer, they simply moved on. Spartan is Microsoft’s new Browser that is expected to come out with Microsoft’s Windows 10. Spartan  will allegedly come equipped with tools that cannot be found on either Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Spartan Specs

The new browser is rumored to have brand new tools including a feature called inking. Essentially inking allows users to make notes with a stylus directly onto the web page. Not only can you mark up the page with any annotation you’d like, you can share those notes with others. This is done through OneDrive cloud capabilities. It doesn’t end there though. Once the marked web page is shared the receiver can then make more notes and edit whatever they please before sharing again.

Cortana is also going to be included in Windows 10 and will work similar to Apple’s Siri. You can ask Cortana to look up your flight information, Google something and find the nearest Domino’s at 4 am when you can’t type well after a long evening out on the town. The digital assistant integration will not only be used like Siri, but it is expected to render Bing useless since it will function in the same fashion as Bing, but better.

Tabs on Spartan will also look a little different. With the new browser you can group tabs by preference, such as work, sports, news, or social media. This is supposed to help the user stay organized while using the browser. Losing tabs and forgetting which tab is where will end with the partitioning capability of this browser.

The interface is also rumored to be minimalistic with no option to customize it at first. Customization options may come along with a windows update later down the line.

Spartan on Mobile Devices

Windows 10 comes on Microsoft mobile devices already, but Spartan is not yet a part of their software. Anyone with a Windows phone will be able to download Spartan through an update in their application store. With this being said there will be syncing capabilities through OneDrive from Windows phones to tablets and PC’s.

Windows 10

Windows Insider

Microsoft is taking applications to become a Windows Insider. If you are the kind of person that enjoys playing around with new software that may not be fully complete, then this is for you. You can apply to become a Windows Insider and if your application is approved you will be grantedwindows insider early access to Windows 10.

What you can do with Windows 10 is limited since it is not complete yet, but you can contact Microsoft to alert them of any new bugs you find, or with any suggestions you may have.

The New and Improved Start Button

Within Windows Insider you can see that a Microsoft has brought back a classic. The Start button. However they jazzed it up a little bit by including live tiles next to the menu, ass seen in this image.

The live tiles allow users to add applications to the start window to make accessing apps easier. There are also rumors that an application will come out for Xbox. The app may allow you to access friend lists from Facebook to use while playing Xbox, along with other new functions that will integrate the gaming system and your Windows 10 device.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Microsoft Community and enjoy fooling around with unfinished products then feel free to apply at the Windows Insider Project.

There should be more news coming soon in regards to Spartan and Windows 10. Stay posted for more information on these topics next week.

What do you think about what Windows is doing?


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