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Top 5 IT Jobs – New York and New Jersey

If you read our 2013 IT Salary Report and Guide, you already know that some big bucks can be made in the NY-NJ area for IT jobs. You also know that the size of your paycheck depends on your location.

To find out where exactly you should consider living to make the most of your big city paycheck, visit our report and scroll down to the #30 and #32 states in the US. But to discover what jobs are hiring in this lucrative area, stay put as we breakdown the top 5 jobs available now in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area.

Bristol-Myers Squibb | Hopewell, NJ

Storage and Network Operations Lead

Glassdoor reviews of this New Jersey company show that the majority of people who work at Bristol-Myers Squibb believe the company offers competitive pay, benefits and a great work/life balance overall. If you’re looking for a strong company culture in the biopharmaceutical field, then this could be the perfect fit.

As the company’s Storage and Network Operations Lead, you’re responsible for the day-to-day management of storage and network operations, as well as storage platforms. As a result, a strong understanding of switches, network protocols, IP storage protocols, command line and GUI interface, scripting languages, platform monitoring tools and much more is required.  This position is a management role and requires the employee to manage projects on-time, within scope and budget.

To learn more about the Bristol-Myers Squibb position, visit their LinkedIn job description here!

TripAdvisor | Pennington, NJ

Senior Software Engineer

The Boston-based travel guru is looking for a Senior Software Engineer at its Pennington, NJ location. This is a young and growing company that secured several “Best Places to Work” awards over the last few years. Flexible schedules, espresso machines, Friday happy hours, travel perks, and velociraptors are just a few of the perks employees love according to their “Day in the Life” video (watch it below).

If this sounds like an environment you can fit in with and grow your career, then by all means apply today before the Senior Software Engineer position is filled!

In order to secure this spot before losing out, keep in mind that the company is searching for someone who effectively communicates their work to both techies and non-techies. So you need to keep your geek talk in check from time to time.

In addition, they want someone experienced in LAMP web development using HTML 5, PHP 5.x, jQuery and CSS. You must be able to create web pages, APIs and services, have experience with mobile development and more. You can view the entire list of requirements on their LinkedIn page here!

Finally, if you have a background in UI/UX or MySQL, TripAdvisor Strongly encourages you to apply! If you meet the qualifications, go ahead and try your chances of breaking into this fun, young company. Remember to keep your friends at Phoenix TS in mind when you start collecting those travel perks!

Tumblr. | New York, NY

BI Analyst  

Do you have a passion for the microblogging site Tumblr? If so you’ll probably fall immediately in love with this position and all the other Tumblr-fanatics who work there. Their New York City office is currently seeking a person with only 1-2 years of experience to be set loose into the abyss of Tumblr data. This person handles using the Tumblr Team’s favorite tools, which include:

  • Tableau, Excel
  • Hadoop, Pig, Hive, HBase
  • MySQL as well as NoSQL alternatives, judiciously applied
  • Python, Ruby, PHP, and R
  • Scribe
  • Git

You can see the other requirements for the Analyst position on their LinkedIn job description. If you still have an out-of-control addiction to Tumblr feeds and would give up pretty much anything of value in your life to work at this microblogging master, but you lack the skills of a BI Analyst, don’t fret! The company is also searching for the perfect Android Engineer and IT Manager. So there’s still hope for you after all!

Also, Mashable wrote an article last year literally titled, “How to Land a Job at Tumblr.” So lay off the Cats of Tumblr feed for a little while and start brushing up the old resume to try and land this dream tech job.

Bloomberg LP | New York

Senior Security Engineer

Okay so we get it, maybe cat blogging just isn’t your thing. You like numbers and constantly check your phone to see the latest stock market trends and global business news. If this sounds more your speed and you’re in the cyber security field, then check out this opening. The company’s Information Systems’ Global Security Architecture group is currently in need of a Senior-Level Network and Systems Security Engineer.

The whole company is based around transparency and collaboration. So working well with others is a must. After that, you need working knowledge of Mac, Windows and Linux OS, the security risks and architecture of large scale networks, scripting languages, and familiarity with forensic investigation and incident response.

Bloomberg  lists a wide array of desired skill sets including experience with penetration testing, RedHat and Ubuntu security controls, Virtualization, Cisco routers and switches, VPN technologies, encryption and authorization technologies. To see the complete list, visit their LinkedIn posting here.

New York Public Library | New York, NY

Applications Developer

Reviews are mixed on working at this national institution, but the one thing each reviewer agrees is that the history and passion for the New York Public Library itself that makes working here worthwhile.

If you share a similar passion for the free information to all philosophy that the New York Public Library represents, or its history dating back to the consolidation of James Lenox and John Jacob Astor’s personal library collections in 1895, then maybe your dream job awaits you here.

They currently seek an Applications Developer to build and maintain their numerous digital applications, which reach millions of users every year around the globe.

If you have at least three years of experience in application development, including experience in Drupal Development 6 or 7, HTML, PHP, CSS and SQL, then this could be a good fit for you. In addition, they prefer if you have familiarity with metadata and digital library technologies and standards.

For a complete list of desired skills and experience visit their posting here.


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