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Why are Androids More Susceptible to Mobile Malware?

Sadly, most people have heard of malware and unfortunately, tons of people dealt with it before. To make this matter even worse, everyone with a smartphone now has to watch out for mobile malware.

Mobile malware usually ends up on your device because of you! It isn’t your fault though. The deviants producing this malware are tricky and they do an amazing job of disguising their intentions.

Usually, users go to either Google Play or The App Store, depending on the phone, and continue to download an application or game with little thought of backlash. Well, we are noticing that these apps actually contain mobile malware and users are actually just downloading it onto their devices freely.

Once these apps are downloaded they are programed to spam and distribute sms messages through your phones contact list. This is how hackers make their money. Each sms or download fee is essentially a small pay check.

Now, you should sit down. Attacks are happening 614% more than in 2012. That is an absurd increase in attacks and 92% of all known mobile malware can be found on Android devices. That’s right, the OS with the most reach across the globe is carrying all but 8% of the known mobile malware. Why is that?

Why Android’s OS

No one can say, without doubt, they know why the vast majority of mobile malware is located on Android powered smartphones, but one can make an educated guess.

Chances are that if you are someone involved in the creation and distribution of malicious mobile malware, you are in it for fast cash. You would want to get your “app” on either Google Play, or The App Store as quickly as possible before anyone finds out that your app is reaping unwarranted benefits by exposing innocent bystanders.

In order to get the most bang for your buck, you would want to attack the largest smartphone OS, and that OS is Android. Android has the largest global presence and is used world wide by millions of people each day.

Android isn’t being attacked more than Apple because they are less secure, but because they are larger and more widely used. For people that want to make money quickly with no detection, Android is an obvious choice.

It is like the developer and distributor of one mobile malware carrying app are a needle in a haystack, However, instead of a single haystack and a single needle, each version of malware is its own needle and each user of Android is their own haystack. On top of that the needles are jumping stack to stack so they have less chance of being caught.

The amount of data on each phone and each app store makes it hard for users to spot a fraudulent app. Once an app with mobile malware has been downloaded it is too late. Someone has your contact list and is making money right under your noise, while slowing your phone down.

Fun, right?

Apple is not more secure, just underused

I am not saying that Apple’s iPhones are more secure. They aren’t, in fact if an iPhone is jailbroken it is one of the most susceptible smartphones around. Pretty much if you jailbreak your phone it is like literally handing it to a hacker, just to save them some trouble.

Apple iPhones are just out sold globally. Which probably is upsetting to Apple, but I am sure the users are happy with this. As long as people are buying Android powered devices more than iPhones mobile malware may stay out of iPhone user’s pockets.

You never know though.

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