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Frequently Asked Questions by Potential Students

FAQAs a training center we tend to get a lot of questions about certifications, course dates and pretty much anything else you can think of. So we wanted to compile our list of the top questions that we tend to get on a daily basis.

Question 1:

I am currently active duty military interested in taking a certification course, am I able to utilize my GI Bill to pay for the course?


Unfortunately, at this time we cannot accept GI Bill’s as payment. However, we are hoping that we can begin offering GI Bill benefits to our students by the beginning of 2014.

Question 2:

Can I take a CompTIA Security+ certification training course if I have not taken Network+ or A+?


CompTIA suggests that prior to enrolling in Security+ students already have the skills and knowledge that are covered in the A+ and Network+ certification exams. However, they don’t stipulate that students must hold either of these certificates prior to their enrollment in a CompTIA Security+ training course or exam session.

If you elect not to take the CompTIA A+ and Network+ training courses and exams then you will need to possess a foundational understanding of:

  • Computer hardware (CompTIA A+)
  • Computing concepts for a Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) (CompTIA A+)
  • Network hardware and installation (CompTIA Network+)
  • Network troubleshooting (CompTIA Network+)

CompTIA’s Network+ also requires IT personnel to have at least 9-12 months of related networking experience, prior to enrolling in a Network+ certification training course.

If potential Security+ candidates meet these requirements as well as the two years of technical networking experience, with an emphasis on security, as recommended for Security+ enrollment then they can take CompTIA Security+ without having their A+ and Network+ certifications.

However, if candidates are unsure if they meet all the recommended knowledge requirements it is in their best interest to take the A+ and Network+ certification training courses in order to be best prepared to handle the speed and digest the mounds of information presented in a 5-day Security+ training course.

Question 3:

I recently took the CompTIA A+ certification exam and I understand it is changing from the 701 and 702 series to the 801and 802 series. If I took the 700 series exam and passed do I have to take it again under the new series to keep my certification status up to date?


No, CompTIA A+ certifications issued in 2011 or later are valid for three years. You also can keep your certification current past three years through the CompTIA’s Continuing Education Program.

Question 4:

Why don’t you have night and weekend classes on your schedule?


We currently do not hold night and weekend training courses, however we are in the planning stages for adding them to our schedule. We should be running our first night and weekend class as early as the end of this year.

Question 5:

What is the difference between a bootcamp and a college course? And why would I want to take a bootcamp class?


Bootcamp classes are very intense certification preparation classes, where students go through extensive preparation 5 days a week for one to two weeks and then take their certification exam on the last day. College courses are less intense and the material is spread out to be covered for the duration of the semester, which typically lasts anywhere from one to four months. These courses are not as intense and students have the opportunity to take several quizzes and exams throughout the course before taking the final exam.

Question 6:

Can I pick up the courseware early?


Yes, courseware can be picked up prior to the course start date and we actually encourage students to do so. However, the class needs to be completely paid for prior to picking up the books and students will need to bring their courseware with them to class. If you forget to bring your materials with you to class, just know that we will not have extra sets on hand to lend you a copy.

Question 7:

I just got married and I want to change my name for testing, can I go through Phoenix TS to do so?


We do not have the authority to change any personal information that has been submitted. You will need to contact the testing provider you registered your exam through in order to do this. The providers we deliver certification exams are for Pearson Vue, Prometrics, and Kryterion.

Question 8:

What is the passing rate for classes that include testing at Phoenix TS?


The passing rate varies based on the course. On average, though students who train and test at Phoenix TS see a passing rate of 95% to 100%.

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