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Blog and Study: EC-Council’s CIMP Exam

EC-Council released a new certification called the Certified Internet Marketing Professional (CIMP). Cyber security professionals know EC-Council for the CEH, ENSA and other security related certifications.

Most marketing professionals boast self-taught skills learned from pioneers in the online marketing world and gained through their own experiences trudging through the learning curve of SEO, social media platforms, blogging, PPC and social advertising.

CIMP gives a structure to a field only maintained and updated with the ever changing rules of search engine and social media giants such as Google and Facebook. Follow along as I examine the course content, study for the exam, and blog about the experience. 

An Overview of Modern Marketing

The internet contains a world of distractions. We, especially myself, get lost on Twitter and Facebook, through photos on Instagram and Pinterest, and bounce from one blog to another. Online, I am set to scan mode speeding through article titles, section headers and URLs.

The 21st century transformed the normal person into hyperactive, media consuming, hungry speed readers with short attention spans.

The marketing professionals of today face the challenge of catching a person’s attention for a split second. Marketing, advertising and consequently small businesses and enterprises face this uphill battle in the interconnected world where social media platforms dominate the flow of information and opinion.

Novices to the new ways of marketing and advertising need a foundation of solid information to understand how best to approach promoting their business and connecting with customers.

Customer service and social media

It is imperative for business owners to recognize the importance of social media’s influence starting from the minute they create business profiles.

Business owners imagine social media in terms of self-promotion, but don’t necessarily see the power it has for customer service. Yes, your personality and ability to diffuse a poor experience works well in person, but people now interact, voice their praise and complaints online through review sites on Google+, Yelp, Twitter, Facebook and Glassdoor. Twitter and Facebook developed into communication channels for companies to not only share promotions, blog posts filled with great educational content, but they are main lines for customer service professionals. Your brand can thrive or dive on Yelp and Twitter. One bad comment about a company on Facebook holds the power to shape a brand’s image moving into the future.

When writing about CIMP topics, I will share additional insights gained throughout my limited experience as well.

What is the first lesson you learned about online marketing?

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