Class Details

Price: $1,990.00

5-Day Course Includes:
  • Class exercises in addition to training instruction
  • Courseware books, notepads, pens, highlighters and other materials
  • Course retake option
  • Full breakfast with variety of bagels, fruits, yogurt, doughnuts and juice
  • Tea, coffee, and soda available throughout the day
  • Freshly baked cookies every afternoon - *only at participating locations

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Course Outline

Module 1: The Fundamentals of Professional Project Management

  • Lesson 1A: Key Procedures for Successful Management
  • Lesson 1B: Responsibilities of a Project Manager
  • Lesson 1C: Interpersonal Communication for Quality Management Techniques

Module 2: New Project Initiation Phase

  • Lesson 2A: Determine Project Context from a Management Perspective
  • Lesson 2B: Project Selection
  • Lesson 2C: Statement of Work Preparation Phases
  • Lesson 2D: Project Charters
  • Lesson 2E: Project Stakeholders

Module 3: Project Planning Phase

  • Lesson 3A: Determine the Elements of a Project Plan
  • Lesson 3B: Stakeholder Requirements
  • Lesson 3C: Project Scope
  • Lesson 3D: Task Structure

Module 4: Effective Project Scheduling

  • Lesson 4A: Creating a List of Key Tasks
  • Lesson 4B: Network Diagrams for Project Scheduling
  • Lesson 4C: Task Resources
  • Lesson 4D: Task Duration
  • Lesson 4E: Creating a Structured Project Schedule
  • Lesson 4F: Creating a Critical Project Path with Specific Milestones
  • Lesson 4G: Schedule Optimization
  • Lesson 4H: Schedule Baseline

Module 5: Budgeting and Cost Estimates

  • Lesson 5A: Estimating Total Project Cost
  • Lesson 5B: Estimating Baseline Cost
  • Lesson 5C: Funding and Cost Reconciliation

Module 6: Project Quality and Communications Planning

  • Lesson 6A: Creating a Substantial Plan for Management Procedures
  • Lesson 6B: Specify Project Team Members’ Responsibilities, Roles and Reporting Procedures
  • Lesson 6C: Documenting a Specific Communications Plan

Module 7: Risk Analysis and Response Planning

  • Lesson 7A: Establishing a Clear Plan for Risk Management Procedures
  • Lesson 7B: Identify Triggers and Potential Project Risks
  • Lesson 7C: Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Lesson 7D: Establishing a Plan for Risk Response Procedures

Module 8: Project Procurement Planning

  • Lesson 8A: Planning Procurements
  • Lesson 8B: Procurement Statement of Work
  • Lesson 8C: Organizing Procurement Documents

Module 9: Project Execution

  • Lesson 9A: Effective Project Execution Management Techniques
  • Lesson 9B: Quality Assurance Management
  • Lesson 9C: Acquisition, Development and Management of a Project Team
  • Lesson 9D: Establishing a Plan for Information Distribution
  • Lesson 9E: Stakeholder Expectation Management

Module 10: Project Procurement Management Procedures

  • Lesson 10A: Procurement Process Analysis
  • Lesson 10B: Seller Responses
  • Lesson 10C: Identify Project Sellers

Module 11: Project Work Control and Observation

  • Lesson 11A: Control and Observation Work Processes
  • Lesson 11B: Development and Utilization of an Integrated Change Control Structure
  • Lesson 11C: Deliverables and Result Review
  • Lesson 11D: Project Scope Controlling Procedures

Module 12: Control and Observation of the Project Schedule and Cost

  • Lesson 12A: Controlling the Project Schedule
  • Lesson 12B: Controlling Project Costs

Module 13: Control and Observation of Project Quality and Enactment

  • Lesson 13A:  Quality Control Procedures
  • Lesson 13B: Project Enactment Reports

Module 14: Control and Observation of Project Risks and Procurements

  • Lesson 14A:  Observe and Control Potential Project Risks
  • Lesson 14B: Project Procurement Management

Module 15: Completing the Project

  • Lesson 15A: Complete Project Procurements
  • Lesson 15B: Procedures for Finalizing the Project


Upon completion of the course, students should be capable of:

  • Defining professional project management
  • Initiating projects
  • Planning all types of project work
  • Developing project schedules
  • Developing budgets and cost estimates
  • Planning communications, staffing and project quality
  • Analyzing risks and planning for response
  • Planning project procurements
  • Executing work involved for projects
  • Managing project procurement
  • Controlling and monitoring work, schedule and costs, performance and quality, risks and procurements
  • Finishing a project

Class Exam

PMP Exam


  • Questions: 200 questions
  • Score Needed to Pass: The exam is a Pass or Fail. There is no score given. The candidates must get 61% of the questions correct in order to pass.
  • Duration of the Test: 4 Hours
  • Format of the Test: multiple choice
  • Delivery of the Test: The Project Management Professional (PMP) exam is offered as a computer-based test. The test is distributed through the global network of Prometric testing centers.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Measures The Following Skills:

  • Initiating is 11%: 23 questions
  • Planning is 23%: 43 questions
  • Executing is 26%: 53 questions
  • Control & Monitor is 21%: 42 questions
  • Closing is 9%: 18 questions
  • Professional Responsibility is 9%: 18 questions

Price: $555.00

Phoenix TS is a certified testing center for Prometric and Pearson VUE exams. Students can register the PMP exam by calling us at (240) 667-7757 or by visiting the Prometric and Pearson VUE websites. 

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